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Malacko Family Pics 2019

Jan 14, 2019

A couple of weeks ago we took family pictures with all of my family. It was just a last minute kind of thing because Alex was home for Christmas. My sister took the photo's with her camera. It wasn't windy which was a huge plus but it was still stinkin cold. I think it was the quickest photo session I have ever done but I think we got some really good one's. I sure love this beautiful family of mine.

For those of you who might not know my Dad married Penny around 9 years ago, which meant that our family grew to include Penny, her two daughters Alex and Lena, and then Lena's son Micah. I love having a big family.

All the grand kids

The Malacko originals. My Dad, sister Ginger and two brothers Cody and Adam

Love these cute girls and that sweet little boy

We had to take a warm up break in the museum. 

Then we braved the cold and took a few more.

This one turned out so good. My favourite for sure. For some reason I thought it was supposed to be a silly one though

We headed to Tim Horton's after to warm up with donuts and coffee/hot chocolate/tea.

Cotton Candy Skies.

Jan 13, 2019

Last weekend after days of high winds I woke up Saturday morning and all I heard was silence. Yay. That meant no wind. So up I got to enjoy a nice quiet and peaceful morning walk. It was so perfect after days of wind and freezing cold weather. And the sky was amazing. The perfect backdrop.

Here's proof of how windy its been...

For my walk I mistakenly wore my ugg type boots and ended up getting a blister on my heel. This weekend I got up for another morning walk and miscalculated how cold it was and didn't dress warm enough. I usually walk along the outskirts of town and got half way and realized how stinkin cold I was. I was tempted to call Ryan and have him come pick me up but I stuck it out and when I got home I was so cold. Had to warm up by the fireplace for an hour. 

Maybe one day I'll get this morning walk thing down right. 

The kids got to go on date's with their auntie Shannon and Lora. The boys went mini golfing, to the arcade, and then to Mama La for lunch.

The girls went and got manicure's, went to Moxie's for lunch and then walked around Henderson.

They all had so much fun.


Jan 8, 2019

Adam, Brit, the girls, and Cody came to our house New Years Eve. We ate appy type foods and just played games all night long. Its really my favourite. I remember in high school my friends made fun of me all the time because whenever we were hanging out I would always say "Let's play a game." If we didn't start playing one right away then ten minutes later I would say it again. Needless to say I love playing games so it was the perfect way to end the year.

These three little's even stayed up till midnight

Some highlights over the last year

In 2019 we are hoping to sell our house. We have a few more little things to finish up and then we will list in a couple months. Then on to building our next house. We're feeling a bit more prepared this time around and have a better idea of what we're doing. We want to build and sell a few times so that we can be mortgage free quicker. So if you or someone you know is in the market for a beautiful custom home, send them our way.

I really want to hike a ton this year. I have a few hike's I want to cross off my bucket list like Crypt, Lake Agnes, Johnston's Canyon, and even though its not really a hike, Moraine Lake. But then I also want to do as many hikes as I can, see how many I can fit into one year.

But mostly we're going to be scrimping and saving so we can go to Florida next year for my Brother in-law's wedding. We're making a big two week family vacation out of it and it ain't cheap to take a family of 6 anywhere. So wish us luck.

I also just want to have fun. Find fun and adventure in all the big and little things in life. It makes me happier and just makes life more fulfilling for me. I have a tendency of being anal and over prepared for everything. I have this bad habit of needing to be in control of everything and I want to relax a bit more this year and just let things fall into place. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing in their lives and just fully live mine.

So I'm raising my glass to 2019. Let's do this. May it be our best year yet.

Christmas Letter 2018

Jan 6, 2019

Well I didn't get Christmas cards sent out this year. Seems like its going to be an every other year kind of thing, but I like to end my blog books with these Christmas letters. 2018 was another great year for us. Ryan and I started the year off with a vacation to Oahu and it was amazing. We visited family in Salt Lake over the summer and made so many good memories. We have been enjoying our house and will actually be ready to list it this Spring and do the process all over again. I know, we're crazy but being mortgage free is our end game so we'll keep building away. I feel like we are more prepared and will know what to change for this next house now that we've done it once before. So if anyone is in the market for a beautiful custom home give us a call :)

Hayley is 7 and in grade 2. She is loving her class and her teacher and was so excited to be able to ride her bike to school this year. She is becoming more and more independent which I love and hate at the same time, but I think I love it more then I hate it. Its just a little hard to watch your baby grow up, but we are so proud of the kind and generous little girl that she is. She is dancing again this year and is doing tap, ballet, and jazz, and is also doing a ballet duet for competition. She loves it so much and loves spending time with her dance friends. She loves spending time with her big sister and they still play so well together. She is so thoughtful and is always leaving us kind notes and pictures, and always tells us she loves us and gives the best hugs.

This Fall her and McKenna both got to audition and dance with the Moscow's Russian ballet in their production of the Nutcracker. It was such an amazing experience and both girls loved it. Hayley was a snowflake, and McKenna was a party child and the Chinese variation. We have also been reading the Harry Potter series together, and we've chosen a novel that I read with each girl separately before bed and it has become one of the highlights of my night.

McKenna will be 11 in a couple of months and is in grade 5. She is doing really well in all her school subjects, but especially in math. She's also involved in the drama club and has been enjoying that. She is a planner and loves writing everything in her day planner. She is always making lists on the weekends of what her and Hayley will be doing for the day and they'll check them off as they go. She also loves to choreograph dance routines to teach to Hayley. She is really growing and maturing into a beautiful dancer. She is involved in 7 group routines and a ballet solo for competition this year. I can't wait to watch both girls perform. She is so easy going and obedient and just makes my Momma job so easy. She also got full time contacts this year and loves being glasses free. I think the highlight of the year for her was going to Salt Lake for a week over Christmas break with her Grandparents to visit her cousins. She had so much fun.

Ty will be 12 next month and is in grade 6. He is so pumped that it is his last year in elementary school and is more then ready to move to middle school (so he thinks anyway). He's been doing some really neat stuff in school this year. He got chosen with 5 other people to run for Mayor and had to have a mini campaign and give a speech and answer questions, and he ended up winning and will get to have lunch with our Mayor and sit in his chair. He also made chocolates with another boy and then sold them in the school and then gave the $ to the school. They are learning some really great and valuable things (unlike math lol). He played Summer baseball again this year. His Dad coached his team and they took 1st in Prairie's. It was such an exciting win and he had such a good experience having his Dad as his coach. He starts basketball this week, is super active and loves to hang out with his friends. He is obsessed with Fortnite and can do a mean orange justice.

Nate just turned 14. What?!! He is old enough to drive. Now that is crazy. We downloaded the study guide on his phone but I'm not sure how much studying he has actually been doing. He is tall, dark, and handsome that one. He surpassed me in height a long time ago and is creeping towards Ryan. He is full force into basketball season and was so happy to make the SV team this year. Only two grade eights made the team. They have a really good team and are undefeated at the moment. He LOVES basketball and literally eat sleeps and breathe's it right now. He also enjoy's gaming and is starting to hang out with friends outside of school more often. He's still our favourite free babysitter and is becoming mine and Ryan's new game buddy. He has a handful of favourites that he'll play with us. He is also starting to care more about school and getting good grade's. He made the honour roll this past reporting period. He is learning the guitar but will not sing.

Ryan is doing more work in the office these days and his job has changed more into getting the projects started with estimating and budgeting and then he hands them over to the project coordinator. He is really liking the change. He hit a deer on the highway a few weeks ago but luckily he and his truck (after a lot of time spent in the shop) are okay. He did some coaching this last year with Nate's basketball and Ty's baseball teams. I think he enjoyed it but definitely enjoys just watching more. He really wants to learn how to play the guitar this year. We love doing puzzles and playing cards/board games together.

Its just Lily and I these days and I am really enjoying our time together. I love to read inspirational books and have found a new love for taking photo's. I also started a barre class this past Fall and really love it and will continue to do it once a week. I love being active and being outside in nature. I plan on doing a ton of hiking this year. I made an ultimate bucket list this year and am looking forward to checking a few things of each year. I love having goals and lists (I guess that's where McKenna get's it from), and just have to be prepared and on top of things all the time. I love being warm and drinking tea by the fireplace.

Well, 2018 has been fantastic. We are learning and growing and just love spending time together as a family. I hope you had an amazing year and that 2019 will be even more epic.

Lots of love,

The Olsen's,

Ryan, Kelli, Nate, Ty, McKenna, and Hayley.

Waterton or bust.

Jan 3, 2019

Okay so it was a total bust but Tamara and I tried to make it to Waterton. I went out to her place the night before and we ordered pizza and just hung out and visited. I stayed overnight and we headed to Waterton in the morning. It had snowed too much and was still snowing and the roads were horrible. We made it to Spring Coulee and then decided we needed to turn around. Once we got back to her place we decided we needed to atleast go for a walk. It was super cold with blowing snow, but we bundled up and ventured out. This weather is pretty depressing at times but you just got to go for it once in awhile and breathe some fresh air. It was nice. Guess we'll have to try for Waterton again next time.

Thanks for the ride Tucker

We both bought the same sweater at different times without knowing the other had it. Now that's friendship.

McKenna is having so much fun with family in Utah. Here are some pics my in-laws have posted.

Thanks for taking such good care of her Olsen's. I am glad she is having a good time but we are excited for her to come home.


Jan 2, 2019

Christmas is seriously the best way to end the year off. Family, food, games, traditions. Its just the best. We spent the 23rd to the 24th with the Olsen family doing all of the above. Instead of a turkey dinner we did a potato bar on the 23rd and then appy's, cheese/crackers and that kind of thing Christmas Eve. We did our usual Secret Santa. Its the only time its acceptable for the kids to ring a door bell and run so they quite enjoy it. The kids did their usual scavenger hunt and we had two separate games of Catan going on a couple of times over the two days.

We headed home late afternoon so we could do our own little Christmas Eve at home. Usually we get home super late Christmas Eve and it was a nice change being home to enjoy the peace and quiet before Christmas morning. We ate more good food, played games, and just hung out. Ryan and I worked on a puzzle and it was just perfect. The kids hung their stocking and all slept in the basement together.

Christmas morning went just as it should. So fun and exciting. Hayley got her American girl she had been asking for. She really wanted Grace, but she is one of the girl's of the year from a few years ago. She was pretty bummed when she found out you could no longer buy her. Even though I couldn't get the actual girl I ended up ordering one that looks almost exactly like her which works out because she looks like Hayley too, and then I just ordered Grace's clothes off of Ebay.

She was pretty happy. We enjoyed Christmas morning and just lazed around. After lunch we got ready and headed for Okotoks to spend a couple of days with the Malacko family. We left this one behind though

She was heading to Salt Lake City with my in-laws for a week to visit her cousins. It was hard for me to let her go but I knew it would be the best adventure for her.

We made it to Okotoks first so this is H waiting patiently for her cousins to arrive

The forecast was not calling for snow so we were all kind of surprised at how much snow we got. None of us even packed our snow stuff. Luckily Grampa and Gramma had enough for some of the kids to borrow so they could get some sledding in

Matching owl onsies with her dolly

My Dad's creative way to give gifts

Micah loves blowing out the candle's
We had such a fun Christmas. Its always nice to get home and have a few days to relax before New Years. I hope everyone enjoyed lots of family, food, and fun. Merry Christmas!