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Oahu Guide: The Turtle Bay Resort & Ziplining

Mar 21, 2018

When looking for a place to stay on Oahu we knew we wanted to be on the North Shore. The Turtle Bay Resort is one of the only resort's in the area. It is pretty pricey though. They have a variety of places to stay. Right in the hotel, beach cottages, ocean villa's. They all look really nice but we were trying to do things as cheaply as we could. We ended up going on VRBO where we found a ton of condo's on the Turtle Bay Resort property. You don't get the same benefits as staying in the hotel, but you are only a 10 minute walk away and you can still enjoy all the amenities that they have. You can't use their pool but that doesn't matter because each condo area has its own pool too. The property is really beautiful and they have a ton of things to do there. Sadly with limited time we didn't spend a lot of time at the resort.

Here is the outside of the condo we stayed in. It was a studio room. It was pretty small but was perfect for what we needed it for. We really didn't spend much time here. There are so many different sized condo's for rent and so much to choose from so I'm sure you could find one that worked for you and your party size. We checked out the pool on our last morning here and I'm sad we didn't visit it earlier on. It was beautiful, quiet, and peaceful. We were the only one's there.

This is what happens when you have no children on vacation. You get to be in all the photo's. Mostly I just wanted to show off my cute bathing suit. I am so in love with it.

We also walked around the grounds on our last morning and did some exploring. They have a gorgeous Banyan Tree on property where they filmed some of the t.v show "Lost." Again, they have a huge and beautiful property. We really enjoyed exploring it.


That's the Turtle Bay Hotel

I would definitely stay at the resort again. Maybe even spend more time here and check out more of what they have to offer. We had a really good experience staying here.

We also did some ziplining. We used Climb works and had the best experience. It was so much fun.
Check out our Oahu highlights video  if you want to check out some footage of it. They had the nicest, funnest staff and we really loved it. Would definitely do it again, and again, and again.

Also, my pictures don't look as nice on my computer as they do on my phone. Maybe because I transfer them to my phone, edit them a little, and then transfer them on to my computer? Going to have to look into that.

Anyway, Its officially Spring. Hopefully the weather will cooperate now. Only a couple posts left of our Oahu vacation. Its taken me longer then I wanted to get them all posted but that is life I guess.

ADAPT Exams.

Mar 12, 2018

The girls just finished doing their ADAPT tap and jazz exams. Hayley did her pre-jr jazz exam, and McKenna did her Jr 2 tap exam. ADAPT is a dance syllabus that our studio follows and teaches. It helps them create a strong technical foundation and also artistic expression. Its important to me that if I'm investing a lot of time and money into dance that I know the teacher's are experienced, well trained, and following some sort of syllabus or curriculum. There are too many studio's out there that don't actually teach quality dancing and they just sort of do their own thing. If you want to go anywhere in dance you have to know the proper technique, and its just important to me that my kids get the best training for the sports they love even if they don't pursue them past high school. My girls have had nothing but good experiences doing their dance exams and I appreciate them being challenged and tested on their abilities.

This was Hayley's first exam. I love how at this age they don't even know they should feel nervous about it. Its just fun. And I love that they get use to doing them at such a young age. Our studio is really good at making sure the dancer's are ready and well prepared so my girls always go into the exam feeling good and confidant. Hayley had a good experience and said it went well. The best part is getting to miss school and then having a date with Mom afterwards.

McKenna is becoming a pro at these exams and still doesn't get nervous. She made a goal for herself so we'll see if she achieved it when we get the exams back. I always tell my girls that they should always try their best but that the exams are mostly for fun, and a good mark is just an added bonus. That may change for them over the years but for now, it works. In the middle of last year McKenna wasn't really loving tap and considered maybe dropping it for this year, but then during the summer dance intensive she decided to keep going with it and is really loving it this year. She even said its not far behind her love for ballet which is just crazy to me. She LOVES ballet. I keep telling her she will have to eventually drop something. Doing all three is just too much with two daughters in dance plus boys in other sport's. She did really well at learning her terminology and said the exam went really well. She has a really good group of kids in her class and she has made some of her very best friends at dance. We love our dance family.

McKenna also had a chance to try basketball this year. The school has a little mini basketball league for grades 4-6 which runs for like 2 months. We could fit it in with her dance schedule this year and I was a little surprised she actually wanted to try it. She has never had a desire to do anything other then dance. She loved it and I was proud of how hard she played. She was aggressive, always had her hands up ready, and took shots when she had a chance. I especially loved her tippy toe dancer run. Her and Ty were on the same team this year and my favourite moment was when Ty stole the ball and could have went for a lay up but McKenna was up by the basket and he passed it to her and she got the basket in. I'm kicking myself for not getting it on video. Was so proud of both of them. It was a fun season.

McKenna isn't in the team shot because she had to miss the last little bit of the last game to go to dance. They ended up winning all their games at the last tournament.

She loved playing basketball but she is definitely not giving up dance to pursue it. Still my beautiful ballerina.

I also received my fab fit fun box, which is a seasonal box subscription I've been getting for over a year now, and I think this is my favourite one yet.

Guys, the weather is warming up and Spring is right around the corner. This makes me especially happy!

Oahu Guide: Waimea Valley.

Mar 5, 2018

When you think of Hawaii you automatically think of sun, beaches, and the ocean, but Oahu also has beautiful green valleys, mountains, and waterfalls. On our way to the North Shore from Waikiki we stopped at the Nuuanu Pali Lookout to check out the view. It was beautiful. There was a machine to pay for parking but we didn't use it because we were literally there for 5 minutes. If you are passing by you should definitely stop. The view is breathtaking. Its also known for being super windy but for this Southern Alberta girl, it didn't even phase us.We are use to super strong winds.

I really wanted to check out a waterfall while we were here so we decided to check out Waimea Valley because it was close to where we were staying. We should have done better research first because it cost $16 per person and we weren't expecting that at all. The valley was beautiful though and we enjoyed our time. At the end of the hike (more like a walk) was the Waimea waterfall. Honestly it was just meh to me. Nothing special. You could swim in it but you had to wear a life jacket. Ryan and I both weren't in the mood to get wet so we just took some pics and then walked back. It really was beautiful and peaceful and some area's reminded me of the secret garden but I just don't think it was worth the $$. Not to us anyway. If you aren't much of a hiker and just want a nice walk then it would be perfect for you. They even have shuttle's that will take people back and forth from the waterfall to the information center, for an extra price of course.