My Mom.

May 27, 2016

Most days I'm fine, great really. I'm really a happy and content kind of person. But every once in a while I get hit with how lonely I sometimes feel without her. There's this big hole that will never quite go away. Today is one of those days. I haven't blogged about her in awhile. Maybe I need to. I think when I start to feel a little overwhelmed with life I really start to crave her. I crave her guidance, her wisdom, her love. I would give anything for a hug from her right now. It will be 8 years in a few weeks. That is such a long time, but the pain never really goes away completely. She was even in my dream last night. I love it when she's in my dreams, but this one was different. I knew she would be leaving soon and I was desperate to hold on to her. She was so special. She had this way of making everyone feel loved and wanted. I never heard her speak unkindly about anyone, and she was always finding ways to serve others. As soon as she loved you, you were apart of her family. I think mine and my siblings break-ups were harder on her then on us. We never fought. Like ever. I always had a deep respect for her even when I was a teenager. She listened and never judged me. She gave me room to mess up and figure things out on my own. After I was married and started having babies of my own some nights I would just show up at her house just wanting to chat and hang out with her. She loved her grand babies fiercely and cherished each moment with them, even offering to change poopy diapers and have them sleepover so I could get a good nights sleep. She loved to cook for her family, played the guitar, loved to dance with her Dad, drink tea and visit with her Mom and her sister, and loved to entertain guests in our home. If you knew her I know it was easy for you to love her. She is my Mom. I miss her.

May Long Weekend.

May 25, 2016

Keeping with tradition it rained all weekend. Luckily we are not campers so we enjoyed staying indoors all weekend. Friday after supper we headed to my Dad's house to spend the night. My Dad and Penny were away for the weekend but my sister is living there so we had a nice visit with her. We went and got froyo and Ryan, the boys and I watched Captain America 2 in preparation for the new one that just came out, and the girls watched a movie with Ginger. We went to bed way too late but we got to sleep in so that made it a-okay. Ryan and I headed into Calgary while the kids stayed and played with Ginger all day. They had a fun time as usual. Ryan and I did some shopping and then went out for lunch. Its always nice to spend time together. With our busy schedule it doesn't happen very often. I had been wanting to check out this place in Calgary that makes Gelato called Fiasco Gelato and we finally had the opportunity to do that. It was so yummy. I had cookie dough and blueberry basil, and Ryan got a peanutbutter marshmallow and strawberry lemonade. Yum.

We got back to my Dad's and packed up and headed home.

Sunday I wasn't feeling great so we just relaxed and bummed around. By the end of the day the kids were a little stir crazy and were driving each other and us crazy. Early bed time it is.

Monday we went to spend the day at the farm. We hadn't been out there in forever. We had a nice visit with Roy, Connie, and Steve. The kids surprisingly entertained themselves and played really well all day. We visited and played a few games. In the afternoon the rain slowed down a bit so we got outside for a walk. I love my in-laws land. It is so good for my soul. The rain started to pick up again so we headed back inside but the fresh air definitely did us all good.

The kids made our delicious fruit salad for lunch

My in-laws just built a green house. It is the coolest thing.

The kids had Tuesday off of school so we got an even extra long weekend. The rain finally stopped and the sun was out so the kids spent most of their time outside playing with friends. I spent the day cleaning the house. Then our regular evening activities of dance, basketball, baseball, and softball started up again and just like that, back to regular life. We are definitely getting excited for our no schedule summer.

Spring Fever.

May 17, 2016

We have been loving Spring. We are busy, but are having fun enjoying the weather and each other. Family really is the best.

We love to have picnics. Outdoor or Indoor. I even got creative with one of our rainy day picnics and we had our neighbors come over and I made butterfly sandwich's, fruit kabobs, veggie H's, a banana muffin, and some lemon water.

Going on fun adventures with my favorite little people. We've had such beautiful weather.

Last weekend Nate had a basketball tournament in Stirling. My good friend Tamara hosted us all day. The kids stayed at their house and played, they fed us a delicious BBQ lunch, and she came and watched Nate's games with me. We had such a fun day with them. Ryan was at a softball tournament so he missed out.

Day 2 curls are my favorite.

The other night we had a family dance party and then grabbed some blankets and pillows and laid out on the trampoline to watch the stars come out. It was so nice. We might have had a little fun with my selfie stick. I love this family of mine.

I have also started running most evenings. I have always hated running, but since I have been making a lot of changes to get healthier, running became one of my goals. So far I am actually loving it and am amazed at how well I am doing with it.

Spring makes me so happy.

Mother's Day in Moose Jaw.

May 11, 2016

I usually try and get away for Mother's Day weekend. Last year Brit and I went to Radium and had the best time. You can see that post HERE. I wanted to do something like that again but McKenna's last dance competition in Moose Jaw fell on that weekend. I was a little disappointed but luckily we went to Moose Jaw with our dance friends and it turned into a really fun girl's weekend anyway.

We left Friday morning. Tara and Elliot picked us up and we traveled with them. We met Melissa and Tamara at the Tim Horton's in Coaldale and then followed each other the rest of the way. Its about a 6 hour drive. McKenna and Elliot  were travel superstars and just played and entertained each other, and Tara and I visited the whole way. We stopped for a bathroom break at a really questionable bathroom where there was a little diner, so we decided to stay and have some lunch. The food was good except for a few rotten piece's of lettuce in mine and Tara's wrap, (I mean, who doesn't notice that when preparing the food). Atleast the price's were great. Its all part of the road trip experience :) We made it to Moose Jaw around 4:00 p.m.

We checked into the hotel and then went for Supper at Brown's Social House. We went and checked out the school where the competition was and registered the girl's. We were going to stay and watch a few dances but it was so busy and we didn't want to wait in line, which was all the way out the door, so we just headed back to the hotel. The girls and I went into the hot tub. There was only a hot tub with no pool but the girls had fun playing in the hot tub, shower, and sauna. We all met in our room after the girls got ready for bed and then watched a show on one little ipad. We visited with friends until late into the night and then ended up going to Miss Joy and Miss Aurielle's room at like 11:30 for cake to celebrate one of the dancer's birthdays. I think McKenna thought life couldn't get any better. Tara and I tucked the girls in and told them we would be in the other room visiting for just a little bit longer. I thought for sure they would crash because it was already close to midnight. Pretty soon Tara gets a text from Elliot. She sent a picture of pitch black and said "help". We had left the bathroom light on for them but it is on a timer so it had shut off and the girls were in total darkness. Tara and I were ready to go to bed anyway so we headed back to our room. Elliot and McKenna were cuddled in bed together too scared to try and turn a light on. We were pretty tired and fell asleep quickly, well except me, I rarely sleep well other places and I hardly slept at all.

 McKenna had been coughing a bit throughout the day and started to cough quite a bit at night. I definitely felt like I shouldn't have kept her up so late. Mom fail. Luckily they didn't have to dance until 1:00pm so we got to sleep in. She coughed a bit in the morning and then only coughed here and there throughout the day. We had breakfast at the hotel and then went for a walk and visited the big Moose. We got the girls ready and headed over to the competition. They only had ballet today. They did a really good job. I think it was the best I'd ever seen them dance it. They got a 94/100 and received the diamond award. After adjudication we went and walked downtown a bit. Got some fudge, and then went to the Deja Vu Cafe for supper. They had amazing milkshakes. I got Gingerbread and McKenna got Watermelon. The food was really good too. We wanted to have an early night because we were all tired and the girls had two dances in the morning. We let them have a quick dip in the hot tub and then we had a dance party in the room to tire them out even more. It was so much fun. McKenna's cough was getting worse so I had picked up some rub for her. She coughed pretty hard for the first hour she had fallen asleep but then stopped for most of the night. I slept a lot better.

These girls love Miss Amy. 

McKenna was pretty sick in the morning with her cough and now a fever. We got them all ready for their dances and just drugged her up. She made it through both dances. They had jazz first. It is usually their strongest dance but they made quite a few mistakes. They still ended up with 90/100 and received 1st place and the diamond award. Tap went pretty good too. A few mistakes and the kids just seemed a little hesitant. Later we found out that they had just washed the floor and it was a bit slippery. We didn't stay for adjudication and left right after tap so I'm not sure what they ended up with. I'm guessing somewhere in the 90's and a diamond award as well. We were all anxious to get home at this point so we stopped for a quick lunch and then made the long drive home.

We had such a fun time and are so grateful for such amazing friends to share these experiences with. McKenna loved doing festival and is sad that its over for the year. We are grateful for such wonderful dance teachers who put so much time into these festivals and who choreograph such awesome dances. McKenna loves dance so much because of them. Now on to the Year End Show which is in like 5 weeks!

When we pulled up to the house Hayley was sitting outside in what she says was her rain gear, when she saw me her cute little face lit up and that was all I needed for Mother's Day.