Jul 23, 2016

We are busy enjoying the summer. I can't believe that its half over already. It is going by way too fast. We've had some beautiful hot days but we've also had a lot of cloudy days with lots of thunderstorms. Here is a really cool cloud I got a picture of:

We've had some wicked storms with hail and tornado warnings. Luckily the one day Coalhurst got hail we were out in Raymond so we didn't get any hail damage to our van. It was kind of nice not having to worry about a house either.

We got the girls dance pictures. They are super cute.

I love seeing what these two girls will come out in every morning. They are really starting to put thought in to their wardrobe and its fun to see their own style's coming out. I think its so important to let them be themselves when it comes to what they wear. Sometimes I need to give some guidance but usually I just bite my tongue and let them figure out what they love. We don't do perfect over here.

We got to go over to Swen's for dinner. We love this family so much. I am so glad that my cousin and I were able to reconnect through me watching her kids. I am so excited to get my hands on this little one in the Fall.

Henderson has opened and we couldn't be more thrilled. We've already been 4 times and we are loving it. Hayley is such a little fish and is swimming all on her own so good. The other 3 can just go off on their own and I don't have to worry about them. Life at the pool is so good.

Ryan even made it out with us once. He forgot his hat and didn't want his head to burn

Ty's been in summer baseball. Its been good but sometimes annoying. He is such a good little ball player though. I do love to watch him. He's had a good season, but we are anxious for him to be done. They did things a little different for all stars this year that I wasn't a big fan of, but what do you do. Atleast he got to play and has improved so much. He usually plays back catcher, or short stop. He also is getting really good at pitching.

Nate has had a few wipe outs on his bike. I'm not sure what he is doing but here is his latest battle wound.

He folded his shirt like this because it was rubbing. He calls it the Mankini.

Hayley had dental surgery the other day. She has very weak teeth and had a couple of huge cavities and a few smaller one's. They put her to sleep while they worked on them. She ended up having to get two silver caps. She was a superstar and did so well. She recovered really quickly too. Here she is right after with her promised booster juice, still just as cute and silly.

Lastly, we started building our house! Ryan was going to dig the basement himself but the machine he rented didn't work very well so after a couple of days with the machine ending up breaking he just hired the rest out. So the basement got dug, and the concrete walls are in place. Its been fun to walk over every few days and see the progress. When Ryan is working on it, the kids will just ride their bikes over. It it so nice to live so close to where we are building. The framing will start next weekend. Ryan is doing that all himself so it will take quite a while.

Summer Lovin

Jul 11, 2016

We've been enjoying the first few weeks of summer.

Hayley and I enjoying a nice walk/ride around Henderson Lake. She was the perfect one to take with me cause she is pretty speedy on that strider. I had to move it to keep up with her. She has since learned how to ride her two wheeler and is obsessed.

We celebrated July 1st out in Raymond and had an amazing time. Parade, good food, a bouncy house, and family time.

We bought swim passes that last for 3 months and work for all the pools in our city. We are waiting for Henderson to open but have spent some time at Westminster in the meantime. We plan on spending most of the summer at the pool.

We went to the Stirling Pool twice. Once for a birthday party, and once because we had originally met friends at Wally's Beach but it was cloudy and cold so after an hour we headed to the pool where it was sunny and hot. We love spending time with friends.

We Love Summer!

House update.

Jul 8, 2016

I've been a little MIA lately because:

1. Its summer holidays so we've been out enjoying the nice weather. And..

2. Because we just moved over the past weekend so we've been busy packing, moving, and now unpacking and organizing.

We are happy that the school year is over. The kids all had a great school year and did awesome on their report cards. Ty got the citizen award in his class, which means he is a great leader and friend.

Ha. he's happier then he looks. What is it with boys and not smiling nice for the camera. This Mama is so very proud. Here are some colorful pics of the kids on their sports day. They had a fun color run.

Its been a little stressful around here the last few weeks trying to get everything ready for our move and getting everything ready for building. Everything seems to be falling nicely into place though. We moved into a smaller house close to where we are building. We're a little squished but its a nice space and will be fine for 9-12 months while we build. We had so many people here to help us move that it went quite quickly. Thanks to our family and the wonderful people from our community who showed up to help us. We are so grateful. Here is a pic of our Kitchen from the living room.

We are getting settled and love our new neighborhood. The kids have lots of friends near by. I spent 2 days cleaning out our house and getting it ready for the new buyers. It was an exhausting two days but we got it all done and ready. It was definitely bittersweet saying goodbye to our house. Its been good to us over the last 5 years.

But we are excited to move on to our house building adventure. Here is our empty lot which is just down the street from our last house.

We are just getting bank and permit stuff worked out right now but are hoping to be digging the basement next weekend. Can't believe this is actually happening and I'm excited to keep you updated on the progress.

Year End Show.

Jun 23, 2016

McKenna and Hayley had their Year End Show for dance last weekend. The whole week leading up to the show is busy with staging, lighting, and rehearsals. Hayley was so excited to dance on the big stage, but she was only happy when I was with her. I had to be in her eye sight the whole time, which meant being a back stage groupie while she was doing all her practicing. Luckily she was just in the matinee show and was #6 in the program so it was easy to stay back stage with her. I made the mistake of not being in her eye line when she was waiting at the curtain to go on stage while the dance before her's was performing. She started to cry. I saw people bending over talking to someone and I just knew it was Hayley so I went over. It was time for them to go on so I hugged her, said I'll wait right here, and then gave her a little nudge just as the music started and out she went with the biggest smile on her face and danced her little heart out. No one would have known she was literally crying a second ago. So proud of her for being brave. She really did love it she is just going through a clingy stage right now. Right after she danced we rushed out into the audience so we could watch McKenna dance.

McKenna was at the Yates all week for rehearsals. I volunteered to help out twice over the week. One of the nights Tara, Tamara, and I went out for dinner while the girls were rehearsing. I am so grateful for their friendship. I would not have had such a great year of dance without them by my side. Thanks you two! We always have the best time. It was a busy week, but we had fun.

The kids are always climbing on this horse statue outside the Yates, so us Mama's had to prove that we could climb up there and take a picture too.

There are three shows. Friday night, Saturday matinee, and Saturday night. McKenna danced in all three. Friday I volunteered and helped out in her dressing room. Saturday matinee all of our family and friends came to watch, and then I went to watch Saturday nights show with Tamara, and Tara. They put on a fantastic show. There were so many dances that I just loved. It was kind of bitter sweet seeing them performed for the last time. McKenna did awesome and danced her heart out. After the matinee show they give out awards. We knew McKenna was getting recognized because she got a high mark in her jazz exams, but she also ended up winning the Shining Star Award. That was a nice surprise. It is given to someone who works hard and has great potential. I am so proud of my little dancer. She has definitely worked hard this year and has improved so much.

These girls got so much flower love from family and friends! 

Watching all the dances for the last time. Love these girls so much.
After the last show we had a party with the dance studio, and then we headed to Tara's for a sleepover. It was the perfect way for all of us to end the dance season. The kids had to say goodbye to Miss Amy, which was really hard. Elliot was crying and when they got in the van McKenna started crying. They cried the whole way to Tara's. They are really going to miss Miss Amy. The girls stayed up really late, and us Mama's stayed up even later just chatting. We were all pretty exhausted the next morning, but it was all worth it.

It will be nice to have a break from dance but we will be excited and ready to start the new season in the Fall. The girls are all registered and we can't wait to see what the next year of dance will bring. Thank you Miss Joy and Miss Aurielle for all the time and hard work you put into our little dancers. McKenna will be spending her summer stretching. She is determined to get all her splits by the time she come's back.