Calaway Park.

Jul 29, 2015

On the way home from Canmore we stopped and stayed the night at my Dad's house. The next morning Ryan had to work but the kids and I decided to go to Calaway Park for the day. It was beautiful when we got there, then cooled down and the clouds came out. It started to rain right at lunch time so we went inside to grab some lunch. I hate how places like that raise their food prices. It was so expensive and wasn't even great quality food. Kind of annoying but I guess they can do it cause people will pay it. Anyway, the rain started to get harder so we headed to the van to change into some warmer clothes. As we were in the van it started to hail and storm. A lot of people started leaving the park but it looked like it wouldn't last long so we sat it out. Like 20 minutes later it stopped so we headed back into the park. Then the sun came out and it was beautiful the rest of the day. It wasn't as busy either. We had a really fun day. My kids love rides and will go on anything they are able to ride. Both the girls were really bummed they couldn't go on the roller coaster. It has gotten me really excited for Disneyland. Only 3 more months!

Canmore & Banff.

Jul 28, 2015

My sis in-law moved to Canmore a while back which has been awesome for us because it is a beautiful and fun place to visit. While Dave and Jacki were visiting we all went up for a couple of days. We all had so much fun together. We did a beautiful hike to Grassi Lake which is in Canmore. It was perfect for small kids too and the little Lake at the top was breathtaking. Just ask my boys who actually got their breath taken away as they dove into the freezing cold water. Of course we had to have supper at Red Rock Pizza in Canmore. My soon to be brother in-law owns and runs it and it really is the best pizza ever. If you are in the area you have to check them out. I promise, you won't be disappointed. After supper we went into Banff to the hot Springs. I love a good hot spring. It was a pretty warm summer night so it was hotter then we're use to, but we all had a nice time and a nice visit. The kids faces were pretty red and I think they got out to get drinks of water like every 5 minutes, and a couple of the men would get out to have a cold shower, but we were determined to make it atleast an hour and most of us did.

The next day we went in to Canmore and had smoothie's at Mountain juice Cafe which were delicious. Then we walked down the main street and went into a few shops. I got some stuff at the Rocky Mountain Soap shop. They have some really neat organic products that I'm excited to try. I love my Rosemary mint shampoo. Then we headed back into Banff and went to their Cave and Basin historical site, which was really neat and interesting. We went to Banff's mainstreet and had lunch and of course had to have Beaver Tails, which is a must for us whenever we visit Banff. The tails are a little much for me, but I love the beaver bites. Then we headed back to Canmore and went to Quarry Lake and played in the water for a bit. Then it was time to head home. We love spending time with our family. It was so nice to have Dave and Jacki visiting. Our kids love their cousins and had such a great time playing with them. Its always hard to say goodbye.

Now a picture overload in no particular order. Lucky you:)

Horse Shoe Bend.

Jul 26, 2015

We got to spend a couple of days playing at Horse Shoe Bend, our little family camp kitchen that Ryan's aunt owns. It is one of our favourite places. If Hayley asks to go camping she means Horse Shoe Bend. We always have so much fun there. The kids and I went once and then we went once with the Olsen's.

McKenna also got a cute summer haircut.

And these two cute cousins just adore each other, and are the best of friends.