Aug 27, 2015

Last weekend we went camping at Horse Shoe Bend with Adam and Brit. Now my kind of camping might be very different from yours. We spent all day Saturday playing at Horse Shoe Bend which has a nice kitchen area with a fridge, grill, BBQ, and pretty much anything else you need in a Kitchen, so food prep is pretty darn easy. And then we sleep at my in-laws in a nice comfy bed:) And then go back to the camp kitchen in the morning. I really don't love camping any other way. I love the outdoors, but when it comes to sleep,food prep and running water, I'm kind of high maintenance. Adam and Brit camped a couple of nights in my Gramma's trailer. We had beautiful weather and had such a nice time together. Sunday we went into Waterton and spent the afternoon there and then we headed home. It was a really fun weekend.

Last Week.

Aug 25, 2015

Last week...

Ryan started a new job! We were not planning or expecting this at all. Ryan wasn't looking for a new job, but when a friend who use to work at the same office called him up and offered him one, we had to take it into consideration. After thinking and talking about it and finding out all the details, we decided it would be a great fit. So now he is working for Southwest Design and Construction. They build a lot of the steel commercial buildings in the area and Ryan will be a project coordinator. He is looking forward to a change and to getting back in to the construction side of his schooling.

McKenna had her summer dance intensive all week. She went Monday-Friday from 10:30-4:00pm some days, and some days till 5:00pm. She attended tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, and acro classes. I was worried it would be a lot for her and that she would be worn out and tired, but each day she came home with a smile on her face and lots of energy and was always excited to tell me what she did and how her day went. Every morning she was excited and ready to go back. She loved every minute of it and learned a lot. I got to go watch some of her classes on Friday. It was fun to see what she learned. Now she has two weeks until her regular dance season starts.

We went to visit the Roelofs. I use to babysit Nicolletta and Marcella and now they are all grown up and like to watch and play with my kids. We tend to only see them once a year, which we really need to change. The kids love going out to their house because there is a ton of fun new things for them to do. The girls played with some of Nic and Mar's old toys, the boys played on the Xbox, they went for quad ride's, played with the cats, played air hockey, and had fun playing with Nic and Mar. I had a nice visit with the girls and Mike. The girls want the kids to come for a sleepover in the next month. They are looking forward to that. We love our Roelof family and hope to see them more often.

We went for dinner at the Swen's. Nicole is my cousin and I babysat her little guy Will all last year. She and her husband are both teachers, so they have had their summer off which means we haven't seen them. It was so fun to get together and see them again. The kids loved seeing Will again and loved checking out his new house. They loved his big backyard. They all played so well together. Hayley and Will actually played together, which didn't happen too often when I watched him. We are excited to have Will back at our house once school starts. I will be watching him till the end of November and then Nicole is off on maternity leave. Will is getting a new baby sister. We are so happy and excited for them.

Last week was definitely a good week:)


Aug 24, 2015

Remember this little baby...

I sure do. She was such a beautiful, sweet little thing. Adored by our whole family. Well that sweet little thing just turned four. FOUR. That means that she really is no longer a baby, or toddler...she is a full on preschooler (only one more year until school...what!).

Even though she isn't that little baby anymore she is still beautiful, sweet, and is still adored by our whole family. She loves to play with toys, dress up in dresses, and put M's dance video's on and dance a long. She loves playing outside with her friend Faith, and loves playing with her big sister (who takes such good care of her). She loves to sing a long to the playlist her auntie put together for her and has the sweetest little voice that surprisingly stays on key. She has this crazy, curly hair which is hard to tame, especially because she doesn't want me to do anything with it. If we go out and I put it up, as soon as we get home the elastics are ripped out and the wild hair is free again. She definitely likes to be wild and free like her hair. She is independent and isn't easily bossed around. She still loves cuddles with Mom and Dad, and really loves being the baby of our family and will take full advantage of it:) We really love this little girl and are so excited to see what the future holds for her.

Happiest Birthday Hayley Bean!

She loves the Bitty Baby she got for her birthday.

Oh, and she also has a sweet tooth. She LOVES candy. Which hasn't been a good thing for her teeth. We took her to the dentist for the first time and she already has a few cavities. My first kid with a cavity too. She was a brave little thing and sat so still while the dentist fixed some of her sugar bugs.

Oh how I love that sweet little face.

A bridal shower and basketball.

Aug 22, 2015

I can't believe our summer holidays are almost over. That means I best be getting caught up on my blog. Last week we had my sister in-law Shannon's bridal shower. Lora and Connie did such a great job on decorations, food, and games. It was a really fun night celebrating with family we don't get to see very often. McKenna and Hayley took their flower girl responsibilities very seriously. They were there to help with anything, especially eating the chocolate cupcake toppers that weren't good enough to make it on top of the cupcake, and handing out prizes and gifts to the bride. We are all excited for the upcoming wedding.

The boys did a basketball camp last week through the U of L. They went each morning from 9:00-12:00. It was a good experience but we will probably never do it again. Ty has been losing interest in basketball since baseball and didn't love the camp. He doesn't want to play basketball anymore. He is a very in the moment kind of guy so we'll see what he says when its time to register. Now all he can think about is football. Nate on the other hand is really into basketball 24/7. He has worked so hard over the summer and has improved so much. I think that was more successful then the summer camp. Nate was one of the older kids so I think the camp wasn't advanced enough for him. There was only one day he came home raving about how much fun he had. Oh well, you live and learn. On to football next week.

Little Entrepreneurs.

Aug 14, 2015

Ty came inside the other day and had this great idea to have a toy sale. I told him to round up some toys he didn't want and him and I would go through them and decide what to do. Well I got busy like Mothers tend to do, and next thing I know he had enlisted our neighbor Jack and they already had a stand and a sign up and had even made a little money.

Natalie and I took advantage of this teaching moment and suggested to the boys about doing a lemonade stand. They wanted to do it. I really wanted Ty to be in charge of doing this and made sure he did most of the work. Natalie and Jack were in charge of the lemonade, and Ty and Ryan baked cookies to sell. Ty loved helping Ryan make the cookies and they turned out delicious as usual. We helped the boys set the stand up at the entrance of our subdivision and left them to it. Ty would yell "lemonade for sale" and wave anytime anybody would drive or walk by. Natalie and I would continuously check on them, but we pretty much left them on their own.

Ty loved it. They stayed out there for a few hours, then helped us take down and put everything away. I was really proud of him and hope this drive will stick with him his whole life. They did awesome and ended up making $62!  $31 each.

I might have a little entrepreneur on my hands:)

Heritage Days.

Aug 11, 2015

We celebrated Heritage Days this past weekend out in Cardston. Ryan plays in the family soft ball tournament so we spend most of our weekend watching him play ball. I love watching him play, but after 7 games it gets a little tiring. He is pretty sore still. We also went to the parade. The kids always get tons of candy. We also took the 3 older kids to the fireworks. Honestly though, they were quite bored after 5 minutes and were tired and ready to go home. I think in  a small town if you've seen one show, you've seen them all. They really don't change much over the years.

Sunday we spent the day in Waterton. Ryan is always busiest in the summer with work so being able to go to Waterton with just our little family was really fun and special. We had such a nice afternoon. We played at the park, ate lunch at Trappers, walked around, and hung out on the beach for a while. It was perfect. I can't believe there is only a few weeks left of summer.

Baseball and stuff.

Aug 6, 2015

We have been having a great summer. We've been trying to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible. We went to the Coaldale spray park with friends one day, and to the Westminster pool with other friends another day. The kids spend a lot of time playing with the neighbors in their little pool too. I have been trying to get stuff done around the house as much as possible in between the fun, but sometimes it is just too hot to get things done.

The last week and weekend though, we pretty much lived and breathed baseball.

Ty did his first year of Minors baseball this Spring. He really loved it so decided to try out for the All Star team for the summer. Last weekend was the big Prairie tournament. The week leading up to it he had practice every night. He played four games over the weekend. They won 3 and tied one which put them in the finals on Monday. Yep that is 6 games of baseball over 4 days. Not to mention it was also a wicked hot weekend. The boys played so well until they got to the finals. I think they were just out of gas so they lost both games, but ended up being 4th out of 21 teams. I think that is pretty amazing. Ty had such a great experience and has learned and improved so much. I love watching him play. Now that baseball is officially over the boys have a basketball camp next week, and then start football in a couple of weeks. We love our sports around here:)

The girls watching baseball. On Monday my Dad and Penny came in with my Malacko grandparents who are visiting from Vancouver. They came and watched Ty's last game and then we had a BBQ at our house with all my family. It was fun. We had a nice visit with my grandparents who we don't get to see too often.

Then there is this little girl. She loves to dress up. Little  girls are so stinkin fun.

Calaway Park.

Jul 29, 2015

On the way home from Canmore we stopped and stayed the night at my Dad's house. The next morning Ryan had to work but the kids and I decided to go to Calaway Park for the day. It was beautiful when we got there, then cooled down and the clouds came out. It started to rain right at lunch time so we went inside to grab some lunch. I hate how places like that raise their food prices. It was so expensive and wasn't even great quality food. Kind of annoying but I guess they can do it cause people will pay it. Anyway, the rain started to get harder so we headed to the van to change into some warmer clothes. As we were in the van it started to hail and storm. A lot of people started leaving the park but it looked like it wouldn't last long so we sat it out. Like 20 minutes later it stopped so we headed back into the park. Then the sun came out and it was beautiful the rest of the day. It wasn't as busy either. We had a really fun day. My kids love rides and will go on anything they are able to ride. Both the girls were really bummed they couldn't go on the roller coaster. It has gotten me really excited for Disneyland. Only 3 more months!