Surprise! we're going to West Ed.

Jul 22, 2014

I love surprising my kids. Honestly its like the funnest thing ever to see their reactions when we surprise them with something fun. We had been talking about the West Edmonton Mall for some reason and the kids were dying to go. I told them we wouldn't be able to go for awhile. We decided to take them for a quick two day, one night trip.We packed up and told them we were going to Okotoks to visit my Dad. Ty is the only one who noticed that we passed the turn off. As we were going through Calgary we told them we weren't going to Okotoks but somewhere they all wanted to go. It took them a minute but McKenna finally guessed correctly and they were very excited. We headed right to Galaxyland to spend the afternoon there. We had the best time. All the kids rode any ride that they were able to go on. It really was a lot of fun. The highlight was Ty and I going through the haunted house. Have you seen Ellen's Andy and Amy go through a haunted house (youtube it, you'll die of laughter) well it was sort of like that. I was holding Ty in front of me and we just ran through it and barely looked at anything. It was quite comical. I'm sure Ty will never go through a haunted house with me again. The funny thing is I could probably go through it now and it would be fine. Its just the unknown that is so scary. We got to the hotel around 9:30pm and crashed. We had two queen sized beds. We had the three older kids laying sideways on the bed so they could all fit (wish that would last forever) and then Hayley slept with Ry and I. I'm glad our kids can sleep well anywhere.

The next morning we headed to the World Water Park for another day of fun. I have to admit, I wasn't as impressed. They don't have very many slides for young kids. Ty could only go on a couple of the big one's and McKenna couldn't go on any. There was only one that we could go down with Hayley and it was pretty lame. I found there wasn't much that we could do all together, we had to split up a lot. Besides I'm more of a tube waterslider. I like slides that you ride tubes down. They only had a couple and you had to ride single on them. Not as fun. We had a good afternoon though. I was ready to leave by 4, and we said goodbye to the mall and headed to Okotoks to spend the night with my Dad and Penny.

We had such a good time, but its always exhausting to cram so much in such a short space of time. I needed a vacation from my vacation:) The kids loved it and talk about it all the time and that is what is most important. The memories. I love spending time with my family.

Olsen Family fun.

Jul 17, 2014

Ryan's brother Dave and his family were visiting from Utah for a week. They moved last Fall and we sure do miss having them around. The kids play so well with their cousins and loved every minute we got to spend with them. We spent a lot of time out at the farm, spent an afternoon at HorseShoeBend, and spent a few days in Waterton hiking to Crandell Lake and up Bear's Hump. We had such a great time. We were sad to say goodbye. Families are truly the best. Time for a picture overload #sorrynotsorry. Ha. I had to add the hashtag in because all of a sudden the kids will be talking and then they'll say "hashtag Mckenna is annoying" or whatever else is on their mind. I have no idea where it came from but it makes me laugh.

B.O.O.T camp.

Jul 8, 2014

Build on our testimony's was the theme of YW's camp this year. I only ended up going for one night because a couple of the girls could only go for one night so I offered to drive them home. I had family from Utah coming the next day too so I wanted to be home to spend as much time as possible with them. We left Wednesday afternoon and set up our camp as soon as we got there. I always have such a good time at camp. We really have the best girls and they are a joy to be around. We each had to have a platoon name and the girls chose Royals. For our skit they came up with new lyrics for the song Royal. It was really good. They did a fantastic job performing it. We watched a movie outside after our skits and a couple of games. It was after 10:00pm by then and I was pretty darn tired. All I wanted to do was climb into bed. We watched a movie that was over 2 hours. I seriously thought it was going to end about 5 times, but it just kept going and going. It was a little painful. But it eventually ended and I got to go climb into bed. I didn't sleep hardly at all though. I never do somewhere else.

Thursday morning was our hike. It was cloudy and rainy and rained pretty hard for a little while during the hike. It was a pretty easy hike. Once we were at the top the rain stopped and we were able to eat our lunch and enjoy the beautiful view. We had planned on going swimming at the Lake in the afternoon but it was still cool and cloudy. By the time we were headed to the Lake the sun had come out and it was a beautiful, perfect afternoon. The girls swam and canoed. I went on one canoe ride and then was very happy to just lay out in the sun the rest of the time. We got back to camp, made supper and then the Lybbert girls and I headed for home. It was so much fun and I was a little sad to be leaving early but very happy to be able to sleep in my own bed that night. I really love being in YW's. I often tell the Bishop that he is never allowed to release me. I love our girls. They are definitely better then I am and they teach me so much. Besides they are so much fun and keep me feeling young.

When we got back from the hike this is what our camp looked like...some freak wind had blown through.

Now we are headed to my in-laws for the weekend. Our cousins from Utah are here and we can't wait to spend time with them.