Year End Show.

Jun 23, 2016

McKenna and Hayley had their Year End Show for dance last weekend. The whole week leading up to the show is busy with staging, lighting, and rehearsals. Hayley was so excited to dance on the big stage, but she was only happy when I was with her. I had to be in her eye sight the whole time, which meant being a back stage groupie while she was doing all her practicing. Luckily she was just in the matinee show and was #6 in the program so it was easy to stay back stage with her. I made the mistake of not being in her eye line when she was waiting at the curtain to go on stage while the dance before her's was performing. She started to cry. I saw people bending over talking to someone and I just knew it was Hayley so I went over. It was time for them to go on so I hugged her, said I'll wait right here, and then gave her a little nudge just as the music started and out she went with the biggest smile on her face and danced her little heart out. No one would have known she was literally crying a second ago. So proud of her for being brave. She really did love it she is just going through a clingy stage right now. Right after she danced we rushed out into the audience so we could watch McKenna dance.

McKenna was at the Yates all week for rehearsals. I volunteered to help out twice over the week. One of the nights Tara, Tamara, and I went out for dinner while the girls were rehearsing. I am so grateful for their friendship. I would not have had such a great year of dance without them by my side. Thanks you two! We always have the best time. It was a busy week, but we had fun.

The kids are always climbing on this horse statue outside the Yates, so us Mama's had to prove that we could climb up there and take a picture too.

There are three shows. Friday night, Saturday matinee, and Saturday night. McKenna danced in all three. Friday I volunteered and helped out in her dressing room. Saturday matinee all of our family and friends came to watch, and then I went to watch Saturday nights show with Tamara, and Tara. They put on a fantastic show. There were so many dances that I just loved. It was kind of bitter sweet seeing them performed for the last time. McKenna did awesome and danced her heart out. After the matinee show they give out awards. We knew McKenna was getting recognized because she got a high mark in her jazz exams, but she also ended up winning the Shining Star Award. That was a nice surprise. It is given to someone who works hard and has great potential. I am so proud of my little dancer. She has definitely worked hard this year and has improved so much.

These girls got so much flower love from family and friends! 

Watching all the dances for the last time. Love these girls so much.
After the last show we had a party with the dance studio, and then we headed to Tara's for a sleepover. It was the perfect way for all of us to end the dance season. The kids had to say goodbye to Miss Amy, which was really hard. Elliot was crying and when they got in the van McKenna started crying. They cried the whole way to Tara's. They are really going to miss Miss Amy. The girls stayed up really late, and us Mama's stayed up even later just chatting. We were all pretty exhausted the next morning, but it was all worth it.

It will be nice to have a break from dance but we will be excited and ready to start the new season in the Fall. The girls are all registered and we can't wait to see what the next year of dance will bring. Thank you Miss Joy and Miss Aurielle for all the time and hard work you put into our little dancers. McKenna will be spending her summer stretching. She is determined to get all her splits by the time she come's back.


Jun 9, 2016

We have been busy, busy. I'm getting quite a bit behind so an update post is in order.

Hayley had a playdate with a friend and she brought along her bouncy house. We set it up in the backyard and the kids had a blast.

I took Will and Hayley to check out Wear M Out, a new play place in town. They had the whole place to themselves all morning and had so much fun. We stayed for like 3 hours and had lunch there too. It is a great place for young kids.

We had dance pictures. It was Hayley's first one's. She has been going through a phase where even in the house I have to be on the same floor as her. If she needs a toy upstairs I have to go with her to get it. Bedtime has been bad too. She needs us to lay with her and talks about having nightmares and being scared. So at dance pictures she needed me with her at all times or she got upset and cried. Even at her last dance class (she has never had any problems going to dance) she needed me to come up and watch her class. Not a good phase to be going through right at year end show time. Hopefully she will be okay for the show and I will be able to sit in the audience and watch. I remember Nate going through this when he was little too, so hopefully it will pass quickly.

McKenna has her last regular dance class tonight and then next week is year end show preparations with the year end show next weekend. It has been such a good year. McKenna is sad that its ending. She loves her dance family.

Nate finished up his basketball Spring League and had his last tournament, Battle of the Bridge last weekend. His team went all season losing pretty much all their games except one, to winning every single game over the weekend and ended up wining first place. They worked so hard and improved so much. He even got MVP of one of the games for his good defensive skills. He learned so much and had such a good experience. The final game was between them and the other Lethbridge express team who they've played 3 times before and lost every single time, to finally beating them. It was such a good game and such a good feeling for them.

We've had such beautiful weather. We enjoyed a Lake day last Sunday. We don't get many days like that where Ryan gets to come along too.

Ty had to get in every photo.

Ty had all star tryouts for baseball last night. Ryan was away for work so it was just me holding down the fort. Luckily I have pretty good kids. Ty had to eat and get himself all ready by himself and did awesome. He was completely ready when I came to get him. After dance I dropped Ty off and then headed home to get the other 3 kids supper. After we ate it started to storm so I headed back into the tryouts in case they quit early. They sat it out for 20 minutes and then got back out and finished the tryouts. I stayed and watched cause there was no point going home to have to come back and get him in 40 minutes. McKenna got her and Hayley bathed and they were right ready for bed when I got home. That made my night. Told you I have pretty good kids.

Waiting for the rain to pass. The things we do for our children. All Stars is working a little different this year. They are combining with another league and making one really good team, and then one good team. We went from having 13 kids try out last year to 30-40 kids try out this year. It will be a different experience for Ty. He has two more tryout nights next week. He really wants to make the first team but I told him it would probably be better to make the second team because then he would get more playing time. I guess we'll see what happens. He has a tournament this weekend and then two more weeks of regular league. He loves baseball.

And finally, the best and biggest news of all...We sold our house! Yay. We are so excited and pumped to begin our house building adventure. We already have a rental just a few blocks away from our lot. We can start moving in at the end of June, and the buyers take possession on July 6th. Hopefully we can start building by the end of July.

My Mom.

May 27, 2016

Most days I'm fine, great really. I'm really a happy and content kind of person. But every once in a while I get hit with how lonely I sometimes feel without her. There's this big hole that will never quite go away. Today is one of those days. I haven't blogged about her in awhile. Maybe I need to. I think when I start to feel a little overwhelmed with life I really start to crave her. I crave her guidance, her wisdom, her love. I would give anything for a hug from her right now. It will be 8 years in a few weeks. That is such a long time, but the pain never really goes away completely. She was even in my dream last night. I love it when she's in my dreams, but this one was different. I knew she would be leaving soon and I was desperate to hold on to her. She was so special. She had this way of making everyone feel loved and wanted. I never heard her speak unkindly about anyone, and she was always finding ways to serve others. As soon as she loved you, you were apart of her family. I think mine and my siblings break-ups were harder on her then on us. We never fought. Like ever. I always had a deep respect for her even when I was a teenager. She listened and never judged me. She gave me room to mess up and figure things out on my own. After I was married and started having babies of my own some nights I would just show up at her house just wanting to chat and hang out with her. She loved her grand babies fiercely and cherished each moment with them, even offering to change poopy diapers and have them sleepover so I could get a good nights sleep. She loved to cook for her family, played the guitar, loved to dance with her Dad, drink tea and visit with her Mom and her sister, and loved to entertain guests in our home. If you knew her I know it was easy for you to love her. She is my Mom. I miss her.

May Long Weekend.

May 25, 2016

Keeping with tradition it rained all weekend. Luckily we are not campers so we enjoyed staying indoors all weekend. Friday after supper we headed to my Dad's house to spend the night. My Dad and Penny were away for the weekend but my sister is living there so we had a nice visit with her. We went and got froyo and Ryan, the boys and I watched Captain America 2 in preparation for the new one that just came out, and the girls watched a movie with Ginger. We went to bed way too late but we got to sleep in so that made it a-okay. Ryan and I headed into Calgary while the kids stayed and played with Ginger all day. They had a fun time as usual. Ryan and I did some shopping and then went out for lunch. Its always nice to spend time together. With our busy schedule it doesn't happen very often. I had been wanting to check out this place in Calgary that makes Gelato called Fiasco Gelato and we finally had the opportunity to do that. It was so yummy. I had cookie dough and blueberry basil, and Ryan got a peanutbutter marshmallow and strawberry lemonade. Yum.

We got back to my Dad's and packed up and headed home.

Sunday I wasn't feeling great so we just relaxed and bummed around. By the end of the day the kids were a little stir crazy and were driving each other and us crazy. Early bed time it is.

Monday we went to spend the day at the farm. We hadn't been out there in forever. We had a nice visit with Roy, Connie, and Steve. The kids surprisingly entertained themselves and played really well all day. We visited and played a few games. In the afternoon the rain slowed down a bit so we got outside for a walk. I love my in-laws land. It is so good for my soul. The rain started to pick up again so we headed back inside but the fresh air definitely did us all good.

The kids made our delicious fruit salad for lunch

My in-laws just built a green house. It is the coolest thing.

The kids had Tuesday off of school so we got an even extra long weekend. The rain finally stopped and the sun was out so the kids spent most of their time outside playing with friends. I spent the day cleaning the house. Then our regular evening activities of dance, basketball, baseball, and softball started up again and just like that, back to regular life. We are definitely getting excited for our no schedule summer.

Spring Fever.

May 17, 2016

We have been loving Spring. We are busy, but are having fun enjoying the weather and each other. Family really is the best.

We love to have picnics. Outdoor or Indoor. I even got creative with one of our rainy day picnics and we had our neighbors come over and I made butterfly sandwich's, fruit kabobs, veggie H's, a banana muffin, and some lemon water.

Going on fun adventures with my favorite little people. We've had such beautiful weather.

Last weekend Nate had a basketball tournament in Stirling. My good friend Tamara hosted us all day. The kids stayed at their house and played, they fed us a delicious BBQ lunch, and she came and watched Nate's games with me. We had such a fun day with them. Ryan was at a softball tournament so he missed out.

Day 2 curls are my favorite.

The other night we had a family dance party and then grabbed some blankets and pillows and laid out on the trampoline to watch the stars come out. It was so nice. We might have had a little fun with my selfie stick. I love this family of mine.

I have also started running most evenings. I have always hated running, but since I have been making a lot of changes to get healthier, running became one of my goals. So far I am actually loving it and am amazed at how well I am doing with it.

Spring makes me so happy.