Ty's 10th birthday.

Jan 23, 2017

This handsome guy just turned 10. He is so excited to finally be in the double digits. I now have two pre-teens on my hands. Luckily they are both pretty good kids. Ty is really into parkour, pokemon, baseball, basketball, and hanging out with his friends. He got a new scooter for his birthday and is excited to get to the skate park to try it out. He is helpful and funny, and still loves spending time with his Mom and Dad. I'm pretty sure he wishes he was an only child.

His birthday celebrations started on his actual birthday which was the 19th. Before school he got to open his card from his Grandma & Grandpa Olsen, then after school we went to Bert & Macs and he picked out his new scooter. It was a regular busy weekday but we also had cupcakes after supper. Sunday morning Ryan and I took him out to Ihop for his birthday breakfast, and then Shannon, Jody, and Lora came for a visit and we had birthday brownies. Cody came over for supper later and brought Ty a present of Pokemon cards and candy. Cody also showed them the magical world of snapchat and they had fun experimenting with that. Aunts and Uncle's are the best!

He also had a few lesson's on facing disappointment while a few plans fell through and had to be replaced with new one's. There were a few tears shed but I'm glad my kids are experiencing these things and it will hopefully prepare them for the future and make them capable of getting through hard things. There will always be challenges and plans that don't work out, but its important to move on and create new one's. Being a ten year old is hard :)

Happiest Birthday Ty! We love you.

I made a short video of Ty's birthday celebrations here and we also had fun pulling a prank on Ty in this video here


Jan 17, 2017

Sometimes it is so hard being a parent. I think the toughest part is that you love these little people so much, that their pain becomes your pain. It sucks watching them suffer. Yesterday I got a call from the school just after morning recess. McKenna had been running and collided with another child. They said her nose was bleeding and her lip was swollen, and that she really wanted me. So H and I went and got her. I thanked the teachers and off we went. As soon as we got in the van she says "What happened?" red flag. A few minutes later, "How did I get in the van" and again a couple minutes later "what happened." She also said she didn't even remember going to school that morning. By the time we got home I knew she must have a concussion. I called Ryan and then the doctor's office right away. The nurse said to keep an eye on her closely and that she should rest with as little light and stimulation as possible. One of the hardest parts was the tears in her eyes and the look of total confusion on her face as to what was going on. So heartbreaking. I don't know how many times I had to answer what had happened to her, but after awhile she would say "I think I said this already" or "did I say that already," and a few hours later she was starting to remember bits and piece's. So relieving. Her head is still dizzy, but I think her lip got the worst of it. In the evening it had gotten worse and was even bigger. I was pretty stressed about it but after texting my SIL Shannon (who is a nurse) she told me they tend to get worse before they get better and that it was just healing, I relaxed and we both slept really good that night. Today she is still pretty sore and dizzy, and the lip is still pretty swollen. Its been a nice relaxing day. I'm kind of surprised that our first concussion wasn't even sports related and that it was McKenna and not one of the boys. They are definitely not my favourite. Just look at this poor girl...

On to a brighter note, we are already half way through January. The weather has warmed up but that just means the wind has picked up and is blowing like crazy, and its a huge melted, slushy mess outside.

The boys started basketball and are loving it. Hayley went skating for Kindergarten and I got to go with her. She did so awesome. She only fell like 50 times...but up she got every time.

The girls enjoying the snow before the Chinook came

Lily loves colouring with the big kids

The kids also did a fun little nail polish challenge. Click here if you'd like to check it out.

House update | Drywall all finished

Jan 11, 2017

The drywall is all up in the house! It actually looks like a real house. The mudding and taping is happening right now, and then we will spray the ceilings and start painting. Everything is going so well and getting done quite quickly. We also got a heater installed in the garage which will be really nice. I am tired of unloading my groceries in the cold. And it has been really cold this past week. All of our cabinets are picked out for the Kitchen, computer desk, and the bathrooms, and they came and measured for them. Its nearing the end and we are very anxious to get it done and all moved in. Our rental is feeling quite small and cramped and we are dying to get out of there. McKenna really wants her own bed back, and I will be happy not having to share my bathroom with two messy little girls. The boys started basketball so life is about to get even busier. We are back at school, dance, basketball, and babysitting. The rest of the holiday we just rested, and were super lazy, and it was really nice. I'm not sure if it feels better to be back on a schedule, but here we are.

And of course I made tour video's of the house of the UpstairsBasement, and Main Floor. Just click on each floor and it will take you to the video if you want to see the house in detail.

Oh and a picture of my new Stitch shirt cause it is the best and makes me so happy.

Goodbye 2016.

Jan 3, 2017

I try to get a letter out with my Christmas cards every year but I didn't even get Christmas cards out, so a letter on my blog will have to suffice. We just got family pictures this Fall and my sister made some cards for us, but I just didn't have the energy to get them out. Feeling a little burnt out this December, but I'm hoping to use them for next year still. Some people tell me that's not allowed, but I think its fine. One thing I can already check off my list for next year. Anyway, on to the letter.

Dear 2016,

You have been really good to us this year. One of the most exciting things is that we sold our house and started building a new one. Ryan and I put a lot of thought in creating it and seeing it all come together is so exciting and rewarding. We are hoping it will be move in ready sometime in March.

Nate just turned 12 and is in grade 6. The only year I will have all 4 kids in the same school. He has been babysitting tons for us and is helpful around the hose. He loves his electronics and spends time on the xbox, and his Iphone. He loves basketball and can't wait for the new season to start in January. He is really creative in his writing, film making, and creating games for his siblings to play. I can't believe only one year until I have a teenager on my hands.

Ty will turn 10 in January and is in grade 4. He is still my ball of energy and is always talking, singing, or doing head stands. There have been many times I've almost been kicked in the head just sitting on the couch. He is funny and witty and is always making us laugh. I love his confidence and his ability to make friends quickly. He is really into parkour and hanging out at the skate park with his scooter. He is super social and is always wanting a friend to play with.

McKenna will turn 9 in February and is in grade 3. She is kind and helpful and is such a good big sister to Hayley. She is patient and laid back just like her Daddy. I love spending time with her...shopping, playing cards, and doing yoga. She still loves dancing and has added a few more dances to competition this year, including a duet. She also added acro this year and has mastered the headstand, and is now working on the bridge and hand stands. We love hanging out with our dance family. She is starting to do her own hair and is figuring out her own style. I love watching her grow.

Hayley bean is 5 and started kindergarten this year. It was a shaky start but she is doing awesome now, and loves it. She is stubborn and intense at times but also gives the best hugs and tells us she loves us often. She is very kind and is always finding ways to compliment people and say nice things. She spends a lot of time writing her letters and is getting really good, and can spell all of our names and a few other words. She has especially mastered writing "I love you". She realized her love for swimming this summer and is a little fish. She also loves dance and is doing jazz and ballet.

Ryan has been working for Southwest Steel and Construction as a project coordinator for just over a year, and is liking it. He has been travelling a bit for work this year, mostly to Saskatchewan. He spends most of his spare time building our house. He is such a hard worker and is putting so much into this house. I am so grateful for him. It has been hard for me having him gone all the time but I know it will be worth it. I am holding down the fort here and running kids here, there, and everywhere. I also watch Will and Lily a few times a week. We really adore those two cuties. I am always finding ways to eat better, exercise, and take better care of myself, and have found a new love for making video's.

We are so excited to see what 2017 brings us. A new home and more travelling for sure. Thanks for always loving and supporting us, we hope you get everything you work for in 2017.

Well 2016, its been fun. Thanks for everything. Bye bye.

We are ready for you 2017.

New Years Eve.

Jan 2, 2017

We debated doing a few different things for New Years Eve, but then opted to just stay home and have a quiet, relaxing evening. Late afternoon we took the kids to see Moana at the theater. It was so amazing. I really, really loved it. The music, the story, the characters, just everything. I really feel like I was meant to be born on a Hawaiian Island. I love the culture, the beauty, the hot sun. I don't know how I ended up in this cold and windy place. But anyway, I felt so inspired and it really touched my heart. It was the perfect message to come home and talk about as we wrote our goals for the new year. Then we ate yummy appy's and snacky foods, and played games all night. I love that the kids are getting older and can start playing games with us. We taught Ty and McKenna one of our favourite card games and now they are obsessed. They want to play it all the time. We didn't quite make it till midnight. I yelled Happy New Year at 11:00pm and then we all went to bed. It really was the perfect way to end the year. I didn't take any pics. Just living and enjoying the moment and all that. Here is a pic from my Instagram. Its called the best nine of 2016 where it calculates your most liked pics over the year. So here is the best of our year according to my instagram followers:

Hope everyone had a fantastic New Years! Here's to 2017.

Oh and the kids made video's to share what they got for Christmas. Click here and here to watch them.


Dec 30, 2016

I was super excited and looking forward to Christmas break this year. With Ryan working on the house so much I have definitely been feeling the weight of a busy schedule. It was really hard to wait right up until almost Christmas for a break too. Usually we have the week before Christmas and the week after, but this year we have pretty much two weeks after. I am so happy to be on break right now.

Christmas was amazing as always. We did Christmas Eve with the Olsen's. I really love all of our traditions. This year we decorated sugar cookies, gingerbread houses, ate a yummy turkey dinner, did a scavenger hunt, had a nativity program, opened presents, did minute to win it games, snacked and played games all day. It snowed all day too so we had lots of snow. Ty even got a little snowmobiling in with Grampa right before we had to leave.

Click here to see a little video of our Christmas Eve happenings.

We came home late Christmas Eve, hung stockings and got right into bed. I didn't sleep very well so getting up in the morning was a little difficult, but Christmas morning is always fun and special. All the kids loved their presents, well except for Nate. He was really hard to buy for this year so he was a little disappointed, but we talked it through and got it all worked out. Its hard as a parent to feel like you failed and didn't make it special for your child, but it was a good lesson for Nate in learning how to appropriately share his feelings and find an outcome that works for everyone. We loved lazing around for a few hours and then we packed up and headed out to My Dad and Penny's.

We did presents, ate another amazing meal, and played games all night. The highlight was finally getting to meet the newest addition to the family. Penny's daughter Lena had a baby about a month and half ago and we loved meeting Micah. He is so sweet and cute. We also got to go sledding, which is becoming a tradition for us when there is enough snow. We had such a nice time as usual.

Again, click here if you want to see a video of our Christmas Day happenings.

Ryan was sick over Christmas and now Hayley and I have colds. Now we are just trying to get the house organized and cleaned, Ry has a few days off so he is working on our house. The drywall is up and we are just getting started on the mudding and taping. We are counting down the days till we can move in. I love sleeping in and having no schedule.

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday. Merry Christmas.

Nate the Great.

Dec 14, 2016

Nate just had his 12th birthday. I told him it was fine but that 13 was out of the question. He has to stay 12 forever just like I will stay 35 forever. If only it could work like that. We had Adam, Britt and the girls, and Cody come out to our place the night before Nate's birthday to celebrate. We made pizza's, opened some presents, and ate a donut cake. He got a basketball from Cody, and a big football history book, and some candy from Adam & Brit. He said it was a good night. Thanks for celebrating with us guys!

Ha ha. I love everyone of these pictures

The morning of his birthday Nate opened his presents from us. We got him wireless headphones, and a year subscription to a gaming website. Then Ryan and I took Nate out for breakfast to Mocha Cabana. Nate got a huge burger. I mean, he is 12 now. Then of course we had to have birthday cheesecake.

I am seriously so proud of this boy, and even though I wish he could stay little forever, I like who he is turning out to be. He is helpful, smart, creative, and fun. I love watching him grow.

Happiest Birthday Nate. We love you.

If you want to see a little video of the birthday festivities click here. You'll get to see him take a bite out of his massive burger.

Christmas Time.

Dec 7, 2016

We finally got the tree up and a few decorations. I wasn't excited to do any of it in this house, but we can't exactly skip Christmas just because I'm not in the house I want to be in, so up everything went. I am really starting to feel squished and all out of space in this house. I think these last few months will be the hardest as we get closer and closer to finishing our house.

The furnace is up and running so there is heat in the house just in time for this -30 windchill weather. The house is all insulated and drywall is going up. I cannot wait until drywall is done. Then it will really start to look like a house.

I only got one picture of our decorate the tree night...

I can't wait for a tree that Nate is not almost as tall as for next Christmas. I only got one picture but I did make a little video of our night. Click here if you haven't seen it already.

Ty is trying out parkour this month. Its a 4 class beginners thing to see how he likes it. He is loving it of course. We made a video of some of the stuff he's been learning if you want to check it out click here

Here's Hayley girl sporting a hair design by Miss McKenna

The cheesy grin is my favourite. These two girls are the cutest.

And these two twinners.

Life is really cold right now, but really good. Just trying to get all my Christmas shopping done, and if I feel motivated enough this weekend, maybe even get some baking done. But I'm not making any promises.