Aug 26, 2014

Well, my baby is really not a baby anymore. Hayley turned 3 years old on the 16th. We were camping at the time so we just ran into town and bought an ice cream cake and sang to her at the camp kitchen. She got a Frozen costume trunk with an Anna dress and an Elsa dress and lots of bracelets, rings, and necklaces. She also got a cute hello kitty purse with some sunglasses, and $3. She was so excited it was her birthday and loves to tell people she is 3.

You would think after having three children I would be a pro and know exactly what to expect and know exactly what I am are going to be dealing with, but this little one has completely thrown me off my feet. She is STUBBORN. Like nothing I have ever seen before. If she doesn't get her way or doesn't get the answer she wants she throws massive fits. Sometimes I think she literally loses her mind and doesn't know who she is or where she is. It is crazy, and very hard to deal with. Its like this constant battle for control between her and I. It has been such a learning process, and I pray everyday that she will outgrow it or it will get easier.

Of course she is also the cutest thing ever. She is learning and growing so much. She loves to play and has a beautiful imagination. She plays well with her siblings and her little friends. She loves to give me hugs and cuddles, and talks very, very well. Sometimes too well:) She loves to dance, play dress up, and is very girly in the way she plays. She is very independent and wants to do everything on her own, except use the potty. She is quite lazy when it comes to that. Something we will be working on full force when the kids go back to school. She still doesn't want to be left at nursery and is quite shy around new people. She sleeps awesome at night which is the best gift she could ever give me. She loves princesses and having her nails painted. She has the cutest little smile and the bluest eyes and is adored by all of us.

We sure love you Hayley girl. Happiest Birthday.

HorseShoe Bend.

Aug 25, 2014

We love using our family campground. It is just outside of Cardston right next to my in-laws so to me, it is the perfect spot. This year we invited all the Shurtz family out Friday to Saturday for a family campout. We had so much fun playing in the creek, riding the quad, sitting by a fire, visiting, and just spending time together. Ryan, Adam, and Britt and I played a couple games of lawn darts and I kicked butt. It was a really fun weekend. I think this will be a new tradition. We had my Grandparents trailer so after the weekend the kids and I stayed out for a few more days. Monday we went to Waterton with Connie. We finally did Red rock Canyon and all had a blast playing in the Canyon. It really is one of my favourite places. The rest of the time was spent at the camp kitchen. We had friends come out and play with us one day. It really is a fun little spot. Rain threatened us the whole time we were there. The clouds would come, but then it would clear. We only ended up getting actual rain the last night we were there. It was the perfect camping getaway.

Heritage Days and stuff.

Aug 23, 2014

Heritage Days is Cardston's yearly town celebration. Ryan plays in the family ball tournament which is always fun to watch. The boys loved watching him this year and are excited to play in the Spring. We had an Olsen family reunion the same weekend so we were back and forth from that and the town celebrations. I'll be honest, we were mostly at the reunion when it was time to eat:) Its always nice when you don't have to cook or do the clean up. It was nice visiting with family we don't see often too. The parade was really good this year too. They throw the best candy and the kids got lots of it. I'll admit. I am the parade nazi. I have some serious thoughts on parade etiquette and wonder why everyone else doesn't have the same common sense. Like #1: kids, please stay in front of your spot and your spot only. I hate it when kids are running in front of where we are sitting to get the candy. It is just rude. I can't go the whole parade without having to tell some kids to stay in front of their parents. It just annoys me. Also, why do they have to stand way up almost to the middle of the road just waiting like little vultures for the candy. It is so annoying. Just sit back by the curb, and wait your little turn. Those guys can throw candy good. It will make it to your spot where your sitting. It just blocks the view for the rest of us who are sitting at the curb waiting and trying to enjoy the parade. And then you get those people who don't even have a spot to sit. They just wander aimlessly up and down the road collecting candy. Anyway, I should stop now. But see, parade nazi. We went to the fireworks this year too. We put H to sleep and then took the three older kids to see them. Its only our second year taking them so they were very excited. They were great. We were all pretty tired when we got home though. It was a really fun weekend.

I love this. Don't expect nice smiles when your making them face the sun:)

Waiting for the fireworks to start.

We met Britt and the girls at the Coaldale spray park one day. They have a nice little area with a little wading pool as well as the spray park and a playground and nice grass area. We spent a few hours there and had a lot of fun. Hayley loved the wading pool. She is such a little fish. We've seriously had beautiful weather this summer. Hardly any windy or rainy days. Perfection.

I wanted to get a good start on school supply shopping this year because I always seem to leave it to the last minute and then its even more stressful than it already is. Every year I despise it and always think I would pay extra money for someone else to go pick it up for me. After talking to other people I realized that most other schools do that. You just pay the money and they supply all the things the kids need. I'm going to have to find out why our school doesn't do that. It always seems like we have so much extra things on our list too, like headphones, oil pastels, a flash drive, and their own mini white boards.Its kinda ridiculous. We spent over $300 on school supplies this year and that doesn't even include school fees. A little annoying.

The weather has cooled down and we've had a few rainy days. I'm trying to get caught up on blogging and things around the house. We only have one more week until school starts. Its always sad when summer ends but is also exciting to get back to a routine and start a new chapter of our lives.


Aug 21, 2014

On the holiday Monday of the August long weekend I talked Ryan into going to Writing-On-Stone. He was wanting to work but I convinced him that we needed a fun day with him. We invited Roy & Connie, and Adam & Britt. We seriously had such a fun day. The Hoo-doos are always fun. All the kids are natural climbers and its not as stressful for us as they get older. We had a nice picnic lunch and played in the Hoo-doos for a few hours. It was a pretty hot day and we were bummed because apparently there was ecoli in the river so we couldn't swim. We went home and all took a dip in our little pool and then just played in the backyard for the rest of the day together. There really is nothing better then spending quality time together as a family. It really was the Best. Day. Ever.

Zoo Day and more summer fun

Aug 4, 2014

We have been busy enjoying our summer. I can't believe it is already half over. We have had beautiful weather and have been able to do a lot of fun things. We went to the zoo with our friends. It was a really fun day. The highlight was Journey getting through the fence and heading for the flamingo's...luckily I got to her in time. We also loved the butterfly room. The butterfly's were gorgeous and just flew around you. If you were lucky one would even land on you.We had a really good day with our friends.

We had a BBQ and swam in our friends pool. They have the best pool and we love going there to swim. The best part was I can now put Hayley's floatie on and she swims all by herself. I love that she is becoming more independent.

We went to Calaway with my family for my niece's birthday party. Another really fun day. The kids love riding rides and are not afraid to try every one. They loved the big roller coaster. Hayley loved the swings. I loved the food. Dippin dots, and mini donuts. Yum.

We spent an afternoon at Wally's beach with friends. Our friends aunt had her motor boat there and the kids went for their first boat ride and tubed as well. They were in Heaven and all loved it.

And of course we can always fit Waterton into our schedule. We went with my Mother in-law and Britt and the girls. Beautiful weather and great company. Roy and Ryan met us after they were off work and we ate supper and played some more. I think we were there for 8 hours.

We also had some home days where I tried to get caught up on cleaning. The kids will play in our pool and on the trampoline and have just as much fun. We've invited friends over a couple times to enjoy our backyard too.

Honestly it has been one of the best summers. I love that my kids are getting older and its easier to be spontaneous and do fun things.

July, thanks for being the best. Bring on August.

The Meerkats are so cute. I wanted to smuggle one home with me

We took this pic when we were all together at the beginning of July. Gosh darn I just love these people.