Festival of the Stars

Mar 20, 2017

McKenna had her first show of this dance season over the weekend. Its where the students get to show off the piece's they will be competing with, so mostly solo's, duo's, trio's, and some groups. It started with rehearsals at the Yates the Sunday and Friday before the show. They practice their routines on the stage with costumes and lighting. Everything went well except McKenna's jazz group routine. They danced the whole dance on the wrong side and kept getting confused. After they were done I asked her if she realized she was on the wrong side and by the time they figured it out, no one wanted to say anything. Its so funny how dancing in a different direction confuses them so much on where to start. During our break we went out to eat at Taco Del Mar with Tamara, Mackenzie, and Elliot. We love hanging out with our dance friends.

Saturday night they had their buddy party at the studio. This is McKenna's favourite. They usually feed them pizza and then they do a bunch of team building activities. The younger kids get an older buddy for the festival season. Its a way for them to get to know someone new at the studio. They usually support each other at festival and get them a little gift. From the beginning of the year McKenna was dying to get Nali as her buddy and ended up getting her. She is so excited. She had a great night and had so much to tell me when she got home.

Sunday was show day. For every child participating you have to purchase 5 tickets to pay for the rental of the theatre. Because her show was on a Sunday I didn't know if we'd even use up the 5 tickets we had. I only force the boys to go to year end show, so they were out. That was 3 for Hayley, Ry and I. I ended up asking M's teacher and she came, and then my brother Cody also came. Then my aunt texted me and told me that she and her two daughters and my Grandma wanted to come. My sister was also in town, so I ended up getting 5 extra tickets. It was so nice to have all that family support there. I know Sunday is a sacred day to a lot of people so it made my heart so full of gratitude that my family chose to celebrate that day supporting McKenna. They even stayed for the whole show so that they could see McKenna's duet which was closer to the end. Honestly I can't express to them how that made me feel. My Mom would be first in line to get tickets to any of my kids events, and to have them there was like having her there. Love you Connie, Maddy, Emma, and Gramma! Really, is there anything more important then family. Thanks to Cody and Ginger too. They are so good to my kids and they love them dearly.

The show was amazing as always. It was busy and chaotic for me running back to help McKenna change her hair and costumes. We went from a bun, to a curly ponytail, to a braid, to half down half up, and back to a bun. But I love every minute of it. I love being on this dance journey with McKenna and can't wait (well I am happy to wait atleast another year) until we add Hayley to this crazy world. I love watching McKenna's talent shine through, I love her energy, confidence, dedication and hard work, and couldn't be more proud of her. She rocked each and every dance. Now only 3 weeks till the first competition.

Thank you Joys Dance Factory for a great start to competition season. We love our dance family too.

Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets are in!

Mar 12, 2017

Oh my gosh you guys. My cabinets are in and I am so excited. The painting is all done except for the boys bedrooms. My sister arrived today to get those painted this week. I love my cabinets and can't wait for the granite to go in at the end of the week. We've been finalizing our flooring and Ryan has been busy painting the trim for the windows and doors, and the baseboards and has started to put those up. I can't believe we are moving in 5 weeks! So much to do to get ready. We are trying to get out of our lease a couple months early so we need to find someone to rent the house we are in right now. If you know of anyone send them our way. Its a small 3 bedroom starter home and is in great condition and in a nice neighborhood. They will also sell it if they find a buyer. They already had someone come look at it this afternoon so we were busy cleaning and getting ready for that. I hate/love having to have my house ready to be shown at a moments notice. Hopefully we will find someone for May so we don't have to pay rent and a mortgage.

I am falling more in love with our house everyday.

Kitchen from livingroom

Kitchen from dining area

Built in computer desk

Master bathroom cabinets
And of course I made a video. Click HERE to watch.

Busy Weekend and star of the Week.

Mar 10, 2017

Life has been a little busier lately so I'm getting kind of behind on documenting. Last weekend was a really busy weekend. McKenna has her first performance in just over a week called the Festival of the stars where they get to perform for their family and friends all the piece's they will compete with in festival. McKenna will be in 4 group numbers and a duet. I do have some extra tickets if anyone wants to come watch. The show is March 19th at 1:30 at the Yates. Tickets are $8.

We started Friday with parent/teacher interviews with Hayley at Kindergarten. The teacher, parent, and child attend and we see what our child has been learning and how much they are improving. Hayley is doing really well and is especially doing well with her writing and reading. She loves to write and is always writing at home. McKenna had dance from 1:30-3:00, and then we packed up and headed to the farm for my Father in-laws 60th birthday party. Our cousin's were in town from Utah for the weekend so it was extra fun and special. We had so much fun partying and visiting with family. We stayed over night and on Saturday while the rest of the family stayed at the farm McKenna and I headed back home for dance, and then McKenna's birthday party. After the party we headed back to the farm to play with cousins one last time before they left for home. We watched Moana, which is definitely one of my new favourite disney movies, and then went to bed. Our cousin's left first thing in the morning and we got up, packed up and headed out too. I didn't take any pics except a last minute one right before bed the night before the kids left. Poor Emma could barely keep her eyes open because they were so tired.

They played hard all weekend and always have the best time with their cousins. They live way too far and we don't see them enough.

Sunday we went home and then over to the studio where the girls were having their jazz mock exams in preparation for the real exams. We ended up being there for a couple of hours. McKenna came out feeling very overwhelmed and discouraged. She didn't feel ready. I had misplaced the definition list they were supposed to be studying and kind of forgot about it. My friend texted me the list and we got to work practicing. During Hayley's mock they decided that the three little girls taking it were not quite ready and cancelled the exam. Hayley is young enough that it didn't even phase her. After the studio we headed to Costco and then back home to make supper and get ready for bed. I was definitely exhausted after a weekend like that. Thankfully I had Monday to rest and get caught up on some things.

Playing who has the button dance style while waiting for the mock exams (stretch those legs)

During the week I practiced with McKenna until she was confidant for her exam. She had her exam yesterday and came down and said it went awesome with a big smile on her face, so that is a win. We went on a cupcake date with friends to celebrate.

McKenna was star of the week so she got to take some of her favourite things to share with her class. H and I made her list, which makes me very happy. Its always fun to visit her class.

I have some pretty awesome daughters

I always feel bad because she is so quiet and a little shy when she is speaking in front of the class and I am always speaking and answering for her to break the awkward silence. I need to work on giving her the freedom to learn and grow in that area. Sometimes its so hard to just step back and let our kids figure it out. We just want to step in and help them but its really good for them to learn these things on their own, even if the learning process is hard.

And just like that I am almost caught up on blogging. Next will be a house update. Lot's of exciting things going on there. Happy weekend friends :)

McKenna's 9th Birthday

Mar 9, 2017

McKenna turned 9 a few weeks ago. We've been busy so I've totally slacked on getting her birthday video and blog post up. We are usually busy around the time of McKenna's bday so she's never had a party with friends. This year she really wanted one so I made sure it happened. For her actual birthday we went swimming with cousins and then had family over for supper. Last weekend she had her friends party. The girls all met at our house and then Brit and I drove them to the mall where we had a list of things they had to get pictures doing. The girls had a blast. They couldn't help but run to their next destination with excitement. Here are the tasks they had to complete:

A picture with Jose Bautista

Trying on t-shirts

Trying on hats

All riding on one kiddy ride

With Beanie Boo's

Trying on heels

Eating french fries
In front of Ballerina

With popcorn

 After the scavenger hunt we went back to our house where they played a game with candy and dice. They each started with 3 candies and then they rolled the dice. Each number rolled they had to do something with the candy like pass to the right, pass to the left, keep, or eat candy. Things like that.

Then M opened her presents and we had cupcakes and rice krispie squares. I baked chocolate and vanilla mini cupcakes and then put a strawberry or raspberry on top. I am a cheat with the icing though. I always buy my icing from bulk barn because its delicious and for some reason me and icing don't mix. I made a regular rice krispie but added sprinkles into it to make it a little more colorful and fun. I just did melted chocolate for the icing and sprinkled more sprinkles on top. Everything turned out great.

 I bought a super cute pack of decorations from party city.

Then the girls just played until it was time for pick up. The party went really well and the girls had a blast. McKenna loved every minute of it. I actually really enjoyed doing it too. I want to entertain a lot when we are in our new house but I get wicked anxiety over everything being perfect so it is something I am working on. McKenna has a good group of friends. I am not huge on doing party favor's, I mean c'mon, you usually get enough stuff just with the party but I had the perfect idea for this one. I bought albums from the dollar store and then filled them with the pictures we took at the mall for the girls to take home.

And of course I made a little video. I didn't film too much so its pretty short but you can't win them all. Click HERE

After having two boys I was really anxious to have a little girl. I hit the jack pot with this one. She is kind, patient, laid back, and so much fun. I love watching her talents grow and am so proud of how hard she works. She is an amazing big sister and friend. When McKenna came into the world my Momma was leaving it, and because of that I feel a really strong connection to her and can't wait to see what our future holds together. Love you to the moon and back my sweet girl. Happiest Birthday!

Basketball, Harry Potter, and other stuff.

Feb 20, 2017

The boys just finished their mini basketball league through the school. It was so fun to watch them play on the same team. They are both becoming really good basketball players. Nate has played in other leagues so he is a bit more seasoned and has more control of the ball. Ty is fast and furious and aggressive but tends to lose control because of that. It was fun to see their different styles. They both played really well. The highlight was watching Nate in two separate games, shoot a 3 pointer to tie up the game when they were losing right at the end. Both games they were atleast 10 points behind and both boys were on fire and tied the games up within the last 10 minutes of the game. So intense. I love basketball. It is definitely my favourite sport to watch. 

Last minute my Brother's and Dad decided to go on a guys trip to California to go to Universal Studios. Of course with work and the house Ryan said he couldn't go. He has been working so hard and has been stressed out, plus it was over his birthday, so I talked him in to going. I'm so glad he went and had a good time. He never does anything like that for himself and he definitely deserved to get away for a few days. Here are a couple pics my brother took and sent me because Ryan didn't take any pictures. He doesn't have the same passion as I do with documenting everything :) 

 The best part is he brought back souvenirs for us! He got the boys and I Harry Potter t-shirts, the girls pigmy puffs, and bertie botts for all of us. 

McKenna has been working hard to get prepared for her ballet exams and did the exam a couple of weeks ago. It was her grade 1 RAD exam. She wasn't nervous at all and came down when it was over and said it went awesome. I think I would have been a nervous wreck. I'm glad she is confidant and fearless in doing what she loves.

We are still painting like crazy over at the house. Just working on second coats on the main floor and upstairs. The basement is still being mudded and taped so won't be ready for paint for a little while still, but we wanted to get the rest of the house ready because kitchen and bathroom cabinets will be installed in a couple of weeks.I am loving the paint colors we picked. Can't wait to see it all done. Here is a sneak peek of our feature wall in our dining room.

Yes that's yellow. Its so unlike anything I would ever do but I am excited. I think its going to look so good with my kitchen. 

I tried to do heart hair on McKenna a couple weeks leading up to Valentines day but only got a handful done, and forgot to take pics of all of them, but here are a few.

I have been fighting a cold for two weeks now. This cough just doesn't want to go away. So annoying. I am sure grateful for my tea obsession.

Love my David's tea. So nice in the evenings especially when you have a cold. And Lastly...

These two sat like this for a half an hour just reading books and watching beanie boo video's on the phone.

We've had some nice weather which means park days. Lily found the perfect little seat for her. I'm so happy that Spring is just around the corner.