Sep 19, 2016

September is already half over. We are getting use to being back at school and dance. Hayley is going to Kindergarten like a boss. She loves it and is doing great. I'm just glad her best friend is in her class. Not sure how well she'll go to school if she's not there.

The girls started back at dance. McKenna is in 6 classes this year: Tap, Jazz, ballet (twice a week), acro, and a ballet production group for festival. She is also doing an added ballet duet, and small contemporary group for festival. She is busy but is doing what she loves. Hayley is happy to be back as well. She is in two classes. Jazz, and ballet. We decided to take a year off from football as Ryan will be too busy with the house to run the boys around, and it is too much for one person to take on. We will see if we decide to do it next year. The boys aren't really that in to it. Ty really wants to do Parkour, and they are still into basketball and baseball.

I was able to visit with friends I haven't seen in awhile. Carissa is off on a new adventure and I am so thrilled for her.

I am babysitting for my cousin again this year. I have Will and Lily together twice a week, and then just Lily once a week. It is going great. They are the sweetest kids and we just adore them. Its been fun getting use to having a baby around again.

I got new matching pajama's that I am really excited about, and just in time for a sleepover with Tamara and Mackenzie. Its so fun having Mother/daughter friends that McKenna and I can both sleepover with. We had so much fun as always.

And lastly, a house update! Ry has been working hard on the roof and was finally able to finish it. He has someone shingling it today and tomorrow and then that is done. He was able to build some stairs as well, and concrete for the basement is coming Wednesday.

Click herehere, and here to see the house update video's I did if you haven't seen them already.

Life is good.

First Day of School.

Sep 11, 2016

Its that time of year again. Back to school after a nice break. We had such an amazing summer its always sad to say goodbye, but we are always excited for a new adventure and to get back into a solid routine. At this point the first day is pretty easy peasy for my kids. Ty and McKenna both have the same teacher's from last year, and Nate has been doing this the longest so he is a pro by now.

Nate is in grade 6. His last year in elementary school and the only year I will have all four of my kids in the same school. He has his two best friends in his class and he is excited to rule the school :) He is growing up so much. He is helpful at home and babysits his sibling quite a bit. He loves to read, and play on the computer, xbox, and his Iphone (which he was happy to get back after having it gone all summer long). He still loves basketball, and has a new interest in baseball and wants to try that this year. He is so stinkin handsome and has the best blue eye's that I ever did see.

Ty started grade 4 and is happy to be in a new hallway and in division two. He is sad he isn't in the same class as his best friend anymore but they spend time together at recess and every other minute after school since he just lives down the street. He has worked hard this summer helping his Dad and is excited about saving money. If only he could decide on what he wants to buy, cause he wants too many things. He's all about parkour and doing tricks on his scooter. He is Mr. social and is always out with friends. He developed a nice set of freckles all over his nose and cheeks over the summer that I just adore.

McKenna is in grade 3 and is happy to have the same teacher and a lot of the same group of kids in her class. She has become quite the little fashionista and is putting more thought in the clothes she wears and what hairstyles she wants for the day. She is happy to finally have friends close enough to our home that she can bike ride over and play with. She still loves playing with Hayley and they get along so well. She is excited to get back into dance which starts tomorrow, and his acquiring quite the collection of Beanie Boo's. She is such a little beauty and has kept her lighter hair the longest.

I made a back to school video so click here if you'd like to check it out.

Hayley had her orientation day at Kindergarten a couple of days after the other three started. She has been so excited to go to school but would be a lot happier about it if I could go with her. She is excited to have her bestie in her class and a couple other kids she knows. We went and saw the class and met her teacher and she is excited for her first official day tomorrow. I can't believe my baby is in Kindergarten, but I think it will be good for her to have time with another adult and some structure and learning. She is definitely the baby of the family and lets you know it. She is so sweet and sassy, and so much fun. And I mean c'mon, she is just the cutest.

Also made a video of her first day too. Click here

New playground & walls.

Sep 3, 2016

Its the long weekend but we don't have anything exciting going on. Just trying to get ourselves ready for the start of school. Ryan is working on the house all weekend. Today we put our two big living room walls up. They go all the way up passed the second floor and to the roof so they are massive. Ryan got a crane to put the side one up and then he used a lift to get the back one up. It was really cool to watch and it just amazes me how everything is all coming together. Its pretty incredible to see a plan on a piece of paper come to life and is now an actual house, that my husband has built I might add. Sure makes me appreciate this home even more. I am getting so excited. Our house is amongst a bunch of starter homes so it is definitely the tallest house on the street. I guess a few people have called and complained to the town about how tall it is, which just floors me. Who does that. When you build a house you have to get permits and everything has to be up to code, so we aren't doing anything wrong. Its not like the town can do anything about it. Some people are so silly. Anyway, I am falling more and more in love with this house everyday.

McKenna's bedroom window

Check out my beautiful windows on the back wall.

Here is the link if you want to watch my video of the wall getting put up olsens build

Our school got a new playground over the last weekend so the girls and I went to check it out today. It is actually pretty cool. I even climbed all over it and played. And my favourite part is that there are no little rocks! I despise those things. Its wood shavings instead. The girls were both extremely happy with it.

I love the tree house theme

Life lately.

Sep 2, 2016

School starts in 4 days. Still not sure how I feel about that. We've been trying to enjoy the rest of what little summer holidays we have left. The weather hasn't been cooperating too much though. On rainy days I dropped the boys off at the indoor pool with friends. Its so nice that I can do that now. We did enjoy a beautiful day in Waterton.

I also made a video of our adventures if you want to go check it out Waterton 2016  I use to make fun video slideshows when the kids were little and would like to start making more video's again. I love doing it.

The girls getting creative with their food. One of the days the boys were at the pool the girls and I had a cupcake date and some fun at the park.

A bunch of us from the dance studio rented the Stirling Pool for a couple hours. The weather wasn't great but everyone still had a lot of fun. Afterwards some of us went over to Tamara's for a BBQ. It was a great night. I sure love these girls.

The teacher's went back to school this past week so I started watching my cousin's kids again. I've watched Will for a couple of year now but this is the first year we will have Lily. She is 8 months old and so sweet. The kids are obsessed with her. Its been awhile since I've done baby. Hopefully I remember how to do it.

House update.

Aug 26, 2016

My handy, hard working husband has been working every spare minute on our house. Sometimes he has help, and other times he doesn't, but he keeps working away. But don't feel sorry for him because he actually really loves it. But you can feel sorry for me because I'm like a single parent most times and we miss him a lot, but we know it will all be worth it in the end. He's got half the house framed and is working on framing the second floor this weekend, and hopefully by the end of next weekend we'll have a roof.

Front Entryway

Dining room window

Front door

So excited to be standing in my first ever garage

Summer Intensive & Waterton.

Aug 24, 2016

McKenna had her summer dance intensive last week. Her studio had guest teacher's come in and teach all week. She went each day from 9:30-3:00 or 4:00, and did tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, and contemporary. She had a really good week and loved every minute of it. Contemporary was her favorite. During the week McKenna, Elliot, and I went to sleep over at Mackenzie and Tamara's. We had a fun night. We finally had to split the girls up at bedtime though because they had to be up early for dance camp. Tamara, Tara, and I were also able to go out for lunch together during the week. I love the friends we have made through dance. Can't wait for the regular season to start in a few weeks.

We also spent a day in Waterton with family. Ate lunch at Wiener's, played at Emerald Bay in the canoe, kayak, and rented a stand up paddle board which I am in love with, and then finished the trip off with ice cream. Such a beautiful day.