Apr 24, 2015

On Monday the kids had a P.D day. My two friends Teale and Mandy invited us to go to Writing-On-Stone. We all have kids around the same age and always have such a great time together. I really feel like our move to where we are was definitely inspired just so that I could meet these two girls. They are the best and I am so grateful for their friendship. Monday morning we packed up and headed out. We had such a great time and the weather was perfect. Such a beautiful, sunny day. I am a climber. I love to climb and heights do not bother me in the least. I really need to go when I don't have little kids to worry about and really hike those hoodoos. My three older kids are the same. They just go and I don't worry too much about them. Hayley too is a natural climber but of course I need to keep her by my side and help her, but I also had Will (the little 2 year old I babysit), so it made it harder to really enjoy the hoodoos. It can be pretty stressful sometimes. But we still had fun. The boys got in a little bit of trouble because they took off on their own and went way too far. Then they had to be glued to my side and I had them be in charge of helping Hayley and Will for awhile. Its hard when you go someplace like that and one adult is in charge of 5 other little people and then they don't listen. I try to stress to my kids that we need to stick together and help each other out or going and doing activities like that are impossible and can't happen. I think they learned their lesson. We had a picnic and then spent some time on the beach before we had to pack up and head home. It really was such a fun and perfect day. It has gotten me so excited for summer.

14 kids between us three Momma's


Apr 23, 2015

I had my 34th birthday last weekend. Its funny because every year I get older but I definitely don't feel any older. I still feel like I'm 24. I wonder when I will start to feel and act older. Maybe I'll always feel 10 years younger. I guess that's not a bad thing:) Ryan was still out of town on my actual birthday but my sister was kind enough to take Hayley for a sleepover the night before. The kids were so sweet in the morning and left me nice birthday messages all over the house and brought me toast in bed. The boys got up and went to school and McKenna and I went to the Yates to watch some of a dance competition that was going on. We had fun watching the routines for a couple of hours and then we went and got cupcakes and brought some more home to share with everyone. After the boys were home we headed out to Raymond to my Gramma's for the afternoon. It was a beautiful day. Brit and the girls came over and gave me a gift and we enjoyed the rest of the day with our cousin's. My cousin even brought the town Fire Truck over and let the kids check it out and go for a ride in it. They loved that. When we returned home the kids and I had cupcakes and they sang to me. It was a really nice birthday. I got lots of birthday love on facebook and instagram, and a few phone calls. My two friends Teale and Mandy made me Chelsea Buns and mini cheesecakes which were both super delicious. Even though Ryan wasn't here, everyone made it a really special day for me. And don't worry, Ryan owe's me big time for missing my birthday and I will collect:) I get a girls Calgary shopping trip with a bigger budget then usual. Can't wait. When he did return home he took us out for brunch too. So far 34 feels pretty good. I feel like I'm in the best place that I've ever been in. I'm exercising regularly, am trying to eat healthier, and my mind and spirit feel happy and at peace. I have never felt better and am excited for what my future holds. Life is good.

Single Parenting.

Apr 21, 2015

Ryan was working out of town for a whole week. You really notice how much work there is when there isn't someone to share the load with. When the kids were really young it was more emotionally exhausting and lonely. Now it seems to be more physically exhausting and tiring. As the kids get older there are extra curricular activities, more school responsibilities, and more things added to the calendar that you have to keep up with. I love having all these things to do but it is definitely easier when there are two of you. Usually I'm in charge of Mckenna and her dance, and Ryan's in charge of the boys and their sports. Well Ty started baseball that week so I had dance and baseball to get to. Even having to grocery shop with all the kids is challenging. I will say that it gets easier as they get older because they can help out more, but we sure missed Ryan. He was supposed to be home Thursday night and after I made it through dance and baseball I joked that I didn't actually need him, but then he said in that case he had to stay until Saturday night. Darn. The truth is, we always need him. We love having Ryan home and miss him like crazy.We made it through the week and were so happy to have him home again. I love how excited the kids get when they see him and how insanely happy and grateful I feel when he returns too. I really appreciate how hands on he is and how hard he works for our family. We are so blessed to have such a great dad and husband. We sure love you Ry.

Dad's 60th Birthday.

Apr 17, 2015

My Dad turned 60 on the weekend. We went up Saturday after Ty's baptism and Penny made a delicious dinner. All my siblings came up and we had fun visiting and playing games late into the night. The next morning we drove into the city and took the C-Train downtown to the Calgary Tower for brunch. None of us had ever been. It was really fun. At the top there is such a pretty view of the city. They have one section where the floor is glass so you can stand on it and look down and see the ground way below. Its kind of trippy, but I love heights so it didn't bother me. All the kids loved it and none of them were afraid to step on the glass. The food was really good. The floor moves in a circle slowly so you can see each part of the city while you eat. It didn't really bother me, but I didn't really like it either. When we left and were on solid ground I still felt like I was spinning for awhile. We walked a couple of blocks to an indoor garden. It was really beautiful and there was a fun little park the kids played on for a while. Then we got back on the train and headed back to my Dad's. We packed up and headed home. It was super fun. I love spending time with my family.

My Dad is pretty awesome and we enjoyed being able to spend his birthday with him. He is so generous and supportive, and has always accepted us for who we are, and when we've changed or made different decisions he still accepts us. Thanks Dad. Happiest Birthday. You don't look a day over 40:)

Hayley thought it was so cool that she could stand while the train was moving

Ty's Baptism.

Apr 15, 2015

Ty was baptized last weekend. We usually give our kids some time to really think about it and truly decide if they want to be baptized with no pressure or persuasion from us. We want it to be completely their choice. He was really excited as the day approached. So many of our family and friends came to support him. Ty felt very loved. Nate spoke. My sister helped him with his talk and he blew me away. He did such a good job. He spoke clear and confidently. I was so proud of both of my boys. Ty and all the rest of the kids that were present sang "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" It was really nice. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives. Devon and Megan served yummy refreshment's and we visited for a bit. As we were just about to head out the door when I realized that we didn't get any pictures. We took some of whoever was still there. I'm sad we didn't get pictures with everyone who attended.

Thanks everyone for making Ty's day special.

During Nate's talk he had a cupcake and he talked about the good things that Ty does and put yummy toppings on it and then he talked about how we aren't perfect and all make mistakes, and then put dirt and sticks and rocks on the cupcake. Ty was horrified that Nate had ruined his cupcake. Of course Nate explained that through our Saviors atonement we can become clean again each time we repent and we can be a new cupcake again. Ty couldn't get passed the ruined cupcake though. Right after he was baptized he came and sat next to me and said "I'm going to smash that cupcake in Nate's face"  I joked that his cleanliness lasted all about 5 minutes. Luckily there were extra "clean" cupcakes for Ty to enjoy.

Spring Break.

Apr 13, 2015

I absolutely love it when my kids have holidays from school. The only holiday ending I look forward to is summer and I'm guessing its because it is much longer then all the other one's. Spring Break is always the hardest one to see end. By this time we are all ready for summer holidays. I have to keep reminding the kids that we only have a couple months left and then its summer.

We had a really nice week. The kids and I went up to my Dad's house in Okotoks over night. We had a nice visit and then we went to the Southland leisure centre the next day in Calgary. The kids love the wave pool and waterslides. We had a great morning swimming, and then we went to Chinook mall for lunch. It was definitely harder to get lunch without Ryan there. We all want food from different places so I had to order everyone's food before mine. The kids were almost done by the time I got my food. Its nice to have so many choices though. Hayley really wanted to ride the carousal. I only had enough money for the girls to ride so the boys held my bags and watched. They were good sports.

I love this shot of the boys. I didn't even prompt them to make these faces. It looks like they're mad they don't get to come on the ride, but in reality they really didn't care or complain about it at all. After the mall, we drove home. We were so happy to see Ryan. The rest of the week we took it easy and just did some things around the house and played outside (when the weather was nice enough). I really enjoy having my kiddies all home:)

A Break.

Apr 10, 2015

Motherhood is definitely one of my most favorite things, for many reasons. But of course most Mother's know that a break now and then is a must. It helps us relax and rejuvenate so we can be our best selves again. I was in desperate need of one, and I think my kids may have needed one from me too:) My in-laws were more then happy to take the kids for a couple of nights. They always have so much fun there that it really is a win-win. Sunday night Ryan and I went to my Gramma's. We met up with my brother's, Britt, Sam, and my cousin Kyle and his wife Karli. We played some games, snacked, and laughed all night. It was so much fun. Monday I spent the day relaxing, reading, blogging, and doing a little cleaning. It was so quiet. I could actually think. I went shopping for a bit then met Ryan at Moxie's for supper. We had some nice, much needed one on one time, and then I went to Yoga. It was the perfect break. I love feeling excited to see the kids again after getting that quiet time. They had the best time too. It was the perfect way to start our Spring Break. 

I finished reading "The Longest Ride" by Nicholas Sparks, in preparation for the movie that came out this weekend. I absolutely loved it. It is such a sweet story and really made me appreciate life and the journey that we are all on. I am grateful for Ryan and the amazing relationship and connection that we have. I am excited to see where our journey together takes us and the things that we will accomplish together over the years. I am really excited to see the movie. Who wants to come with?


Apr 9, 2015

We had a really nice Easter weekend. Friday we headed to my Gramma's where my sister is living. Adam and Britt came and we ordered pizza and did some Easter activities and just played and hung out. Britt and I decided to play pool which I haven't played in years. We really had a good time and I enjoyed playing it much more now then when I was younger.

Saturday we worked on the tile in the bathroom downstairs. I think it looks good. Can't wait for the basement to be finished.

Sunday we headed out to the farm to watch General Conference with Roy & Connie. We haven't been out there in awhile because we have been so busy with the basement reno's. We had a really nice day visiting and spending time together.

Admiring our matching socks. I mean that is true love:)

I am so grateful for my Savior and for his atonement. I have definitely felt his unconditional love for me and his sweet whispering's letting me know that I would be okay. That I am strong and capable of getting through the hard times in my life. I have felt his presence and I know that I am enough in his eyes. That no matter what I do or who I become, he would die for me all over again. That is the kind of love that moves mountains. I am so grateful for that kind of love in my life.

Happy Easter friends.

oh, and this boy finished basketball. He had such a good season. He was on a good team, and had good coaches, and really learned a lot and improved so much.

We also had one decent day before Easter where Hayley, Will, and I got to get outside and play at the park. The 30 km winds didn't bother me as much after having 70 km winds for days. Have I ever mentioned I despise the wind. Cause I really do.


Mar 26, 2015

Um. How is it possible that March is almost over. March usually drags on and on for me, but this year it has zoomed by.  I'm not even sure why, its not like we've had much excitement going on, but I'll take it. I usually hate March because the weather is crappy. Spring is here but we usually don't start getting nice weather until April, and even then it could go either way. The weather has still been pretty crappy but we're making it through.

Ty and McKenna sang Oh Canada at the Hurricanes game with their school choir. Nate and Ryan went to watch the game. They all had a great time, and the kids had a lot of fun stories to tell me. Hayley and I went on a frozen yogurt date and to the park while they did that. It was fun. She literally ran the whole entire time we were at the park from one place to another. You can tell we haven't had nice weather cause she didn't want to waste a second of her park playing time.

I've been letting the girls dress themselves more often. This is a big deal for me. But I figured its important for them to have choices and creative allowance to wear what they like. Hayley will almost always choose pajama's or a dress, and she'll change like 5 times throughout the day. When McKenna was in Kindergarten she always had to look cute and perfect, but thankfully I have relaxed and given that up and have let her take the reigns on her clothes and hairstyle. She almost always chooses a ponytail. Here are a couple pictures to give you a taste:

I sure love these girls! We colored eggs out at my Gramma's. They will be away for Easter so my Gramma had her celebrations a little early. The kids always color a few eggs and then they are done. They would much rather be playing with their cousins. We always have so much fun at my grandparents.

We were hit with some sickness. McKenna was puking one day. Nate and Hayley had sore tummy's with the dreaded D symptoms. It didn't last too long thankfully.

We were hit with this...

again, thankfully it didn't last too long.

I went to our church's March 17th party to celebrate the start of the Relief Society. I did a presentation on blogging and how to turn a blog into a book. I really enjoyed it. I love sharing and teaching about something I love. And I love this little blog of mine and how it makes my journal keeping  so much easier. It was a great night with yummy food and visiting with pretty darn awesome people. I also won a huge chocolate toonie for a prize. It was a fun night.

Ryan has been working hard on the basement. The drywall is all up and he is on to the muding and taping. It should be ready to start painting next weekend.

McKenna tried on her costumes for her Year End Show. It is always exciting to see what she will be wearing. I think I am just as excited as she is. She likes her ballet and tap costume but isn't in love with her jazz one.

Then there is this:

I had to get the ears out because we are headed to Disneyland in November. We are beyond excited. We weren't going to tell the kids until like the day before we were leaving, but I get way too excited and I ended up giving it away. Not the exact date but still. I really suck. The kids are really excited though. We've got our condo all booked and Roy and Connie are coming with us. We LOVE Disneyland. It really is one of the happiest places on Earth.

I am looking forward to April. Its like the best month ever because its my birthday month and the kids have a week off of school for Easter holidays. Life is pretty darn good.