Jun 9, 2017

Its June people. June! How the heck did that happen? Seriously, someone needs to invent a machine that slows down time. June is away's super busy. Its the last month of school, dance, and the regular baseball season wraps up.

We had dance pictures:

Year End Show is next weekend and then I get to register for next year. I'm always anxious to see what our year will be like. Then I can officially enjoy the summer :)

We've had beautiful weather which means picnics, park days, wiener roasts, and BBQ's with friends:

We've been getting stuff done around the house. Someone asked me if we were just going day by day with the house and I said its more like weekend to weekend (if we're not too busy) so yes, things are slowly getting done but we may not completely finish everything until Christmas (if we're lucky). Here are some things we have done:

We also got our bar stools and ordered our blinds. Ryan is building the mantle for the fireplace, and we also picked colors for the stucco so hopefully that will start in the next couple of weeks.


This little one sure keeps me busy but we all adore her.

Doesn't everybody love an audience when they workout. So much pressure.

Pretty much :) Oh I can't wait until Summer. Enjoy the rest of June. Just don't blink or you'll miss it.

Finding Adventure Where you Live.

Jun 3, 2017

I kinda want to see the World. I have a huge list of places I want travel to, but you kinda need a lot of time and money for that. Our last adventure was building a house, but that's done now. So what's next? This is what I do. After one big adventure I'm ready for the next. I research and plan and count down and think about it until it actually happens. We have a couple of big vacations planned for next year but I decided that instead of waiting and counting down the days until those, that I would really try and find fun and adventure in my daily life. Because we are saving and still need to purchase some things for the house we don't have any big summer plans. The kids and I decided that our theme for the summer would be to find adventure where we live. To explore our surrounding area and visit some of our favourite's but also find some new things to do, and try and find adventure and fun where ever we go. I firmly believe that adventure is good for the soul. You are never too old for a bit of fun, and I am always craving it in my life. Last Friday it was a beautiful day so Ty, McKenna, Hayley and I (Nate was off with friends) went to the River Bottom (or Indian Battle Park) to play. Ty and Hayley were on their scooters, M on her bike, and I was on rollerblades (in a dress I might add). We went all over the park on the trail, stopped to climb the train bridge, play at the park, and climb the stairs. We had so much fun. I forgot how much fun that place is. It was such a great day.

I also made a little video of our adventure. I want to get back into making video's this summer. Click HERE if you'd like to watch.

Only a few more weeks of school until summer holidays. I hope you all have some wild and crazy things planned. If not, get to it. Adventure is out there waiting for you!

La Corsaire

May 31, 2017

This dance is beautiful and breathtaking. I am so grateful that M got to be a part of it this year. To dance with older girls was such a neat experience for her and I know she improved and learned a lot. Ballet has always been my favourite to watch and I am so happy that it is M's favourite too. I am always in awe at what they have trained their bodies to do and it is just so stunning. Like watching art come to life. I think M felt like she was part of something pretty special. And she was. I know that dance is going to be a really great thing for this girl as she grows up. Hayley too. And I'm so glad I get to be a part of their journey.

The start of her dance picture collection for the little dance area in our home.

ps. I'm not sure who to give credit to for taking the top picture. It was floating around facebook and I got it texted to me from a friend, but it's the best.

May Long Weekend.

May 26, 2017

We had beautiful weather May long weekend which like rarely ever happens. We spent most of the weekend working on the house and just relaxing. Ryan's been tiling our shower and bath area. Can't wait to actually be able to shower in my bathroom instead of the girls. Ryan and I went out on a date night too. I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to have him home now sharing the parenting load. Monday we met Roy and Connie and spent the day in Waterton. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. The weather was gorgeous. We hiked Bear's Hump, had a picnic lunch, played at the park, got ice cream and sat down by the water. Seriously, perfection. Then we headed to the farm for supper and the boys got hair cuts. Such a good weekend. I am counting down the days until summer holidays.

Atleast H is ready for the picture

Hugest blueberry I've ever seen

Ha ha. Hayley. Love these crazies and the sunshine

Chocolate pizza. Its deadly.

I love having this guy around

 I also made a little highlight video. I've missed making video's and hopefully will have more time to get back into it again. Click HERE to watch.

House update and stuff.

May 23, 2017

We've been living in our house for a few weeks now. I seriously love it so much, and little by little we are starting to get everything done. All the closets are finished now, and Ryan has most of our tile done in our tub and shower in the master bath. We are starting to collect some furniture here and there. We just ordered an area rug for the living room, an arm chair, and bar stools. It is all coming together.

I love my walk in closet, and am obsessed with my kitchen. I even like to clean it. Ha, we'll see how long that lasts.

Here are a few other things we've been up to this month;

When the weather is nice, morning park days are a must with these littles.

Hayley's last swim day at Kindergarten.

I got a waffle iron for Mother's Day and we've started a new Sunday breakfast tradition. I love mine with coconut whip cream, strawberries, and coconut shavings.

We got the girls dance bar put up. Such a fun edition to our new house. I also use the space for a workout/yoga area too.

I'm halfway through the bikini series and I feel great. I've been working out every morning. Sometimes Ty will join me for a run. And I've been eating really well too. I bought the nutrition plan and have learned a lot about nutrition and fueling my body with good, whole foods. I love doing Buddha bowls. I usually do them with quinoa as the base, and then you can add whatever toppings and dressings that you like. They are so versatile and delicious. The one pictured above is a curry bowl. It has quinoa, chicken, shredded carrot, spinach, chickpeas, and walnuts, with a curry dressing. So good. 4 more weeks and I'll be ready to rock my bikini's just in time for summer. It can come soon enough. Hope you're all enjoying the beautiful weather.

Dance Inspirations- Moose Jaw

May 17, 2017

A few days after we moved in we headed off to Moose Jaw for McKenna's last dance competition. I still had the flu. I feel like I was really off my game this time around and I didn't enjoy myself like I normally do. We had to take the van in because the AC wasn't working and then found out we couldn't get it fixed until after we were back. We were planning to take our van with our friends Tara and Elliot. We couldn't take Tara's vehicle because her husband needed it, so we ended up driving to Moose Jaw with no AC. We survived and luckily it wasn't too hot. We drove with the windows down as much as we could. Also the morning we were leaving the fix engine light came on. We headed out just hoping nothing was wrong and we'd make it there. We figured out that it was just the gas cap and the next day it no longer came on. Thank goodness. The first couple of days I was still pretty sick but I powered through. Luckily we didn't have a lot going on so I could rest up a bit more. I started to feel better as the week went on (we were there 5 days). I had one night where I stayed up later to hang out with everyone (which still meant bed at 11:00pm), but most of the time I was so tired and was in bed as early as the little girls each night. I'm lame like that I guess. Because I was sick before we left I didn't do the food prep that I was planning, so we ended up eating out and spending more on food then I wanted to.

The girls enjoying the hot tub

An intense game of spoons

The girls dancing on the side of the street. Hoping for a honk or a wave I guess.
The actual competition went well. The kids danced really good. This competition grades a bit harder, and their medals are a little different. The kids got ruby for their jazz, tap, and modern, diamond for their ballet character and the big ballet production (which ended up getting disqualified which I'll go into detail about in another post), and McKenna and Bella did awesome on their duet with her highest score of the competition, a 92 and diamond. They also won an award with money for Russian (character ballet), modern, and her duet. Again, things just seemed a little off this year and I didn't love this competition like I did last year. The space is small and hot, and getting in and out of the theatre is a pain among other things.

We danced our last dance Sunday morning and then we were heading home after that. We packed up and got to the van only for me to realize my keys were missing. We searched a few places but I quickly realized (or guessed anyway) that I left them in the locked van. I thought I had a spare in the center console, and I guessed the other set were in the trunk because we had a ton of stuff to carry in. Seriously, not my finest moment. Luckily my friend Melissa has AMA and kindly called and then waited with us until they came. We picnicked and hung out by the van in front of someone's house until they came. Luckily we didn't have to wait too long. I seriously have the best friends. Thanks again Melissa!

Are they in here?

I don't see them. Are we stuck here forever?

I honestly was just praying that we had a set in the van and I didn't drop them somewhere and lost them. Luckily both sets were exactly where I figured they were.

We grabbed lunch and headed home. I think because we had just moved (which was completely stressful) and then I wasn't feeling the greatest the whole time just put a bad taste in my mouth for Moose Jaw. You know when you're pregnant and a certain food makes you sick and then after you have the baby, sometimes even years later you are still turned off by the food because it made you sick? That's kind of how I feel about Moose Jaw now. I am so turned off by the idea of going there again. Thankfully I think we are taking a break from that competition and trying some new one's next year. Maybe after a break I'll be ready and willing to go back again.

We are all finished with competition season. I am so proud of how hard M has worked this year. I think she has improved a ton since last year and I am already excited to see what next year of competition will bring. Hayley may even be joining in next year. Even though this wasn't my favourite competition experience, I still love the competition side of dance. I love to see the kids work hard and get rewarded. I love to see the growth and passion as they work towards their goals. I love to see the relationships and connections strengthen as they work as a dance team.

Now we are just enjoying our new home and are slowly working to get everything finished. Can't believe summer holidays are just around the corner.

oh, and all the pictures are from Tamara and Tara because I only took like two pics the whole time. Thanks for sharing friends.