Dance Festival 2016

Apr 27, 2016

We purchased some pictures of McKenna's dance routines at her last competition. Here are some of my favourite's:

Tap: Strike up the Band

Jazz: Spin me Round

Ballet: Something Sweet

Isaac is supposed to be holding a cake in the next few pics, but sadly he forgot to grab it. You can see it in the corner on the little table. They did a good job just pretending it was there.

We have really loved going to competition. She has one more in just over a week in Moose Jaw and then festival season will be over. We will definitely be doing it again next year.

ps. you can click on each individual picture to see it larger :)


Apr 21, 2016

The beautiful weather we are having is making me so happy. We have been out enjoying the weather and this wonderful season. After a Southern Alberta winter nothing feels quite so good. Here are some things we have been up to:

I got this little herb planting kit in my Spring Fab fit fun box that I am really excited about. I planted basil, mint, and thyme. I'm excited to see it grow. There is already some basil poking out. I love fresh herbs.

We've been spending a lot of time outside in the yard of course. A lot of basketball and we started trying to get H to ride a two wheeler, but so far she doesn't have too much interest. She'll get on it and we'll take her down the street once and then she is done. I've been trying to go for a run (more like a slow jog) in the evening whenever I have time and motivation. The boys have started coming too and its been nice to have them with me.

The drop in gymnastics place that we frequent had a surprise visit from Ariel and Rupunzel the other day. Hayley loved listening to their stories and then they had a full on dance party with them. It was so fun and made Hayley's day.

I got these camo joggers a couple weeks ago and they are my favourite. So comfy and cute. H and I playing around with my new selfie stick. Have I mentioned how much I love it yet :)

Life is good.


Apr 20, 2016

I had my birthday a few days ago. I got to spend it doing one of my favourite things...watching my little girl dance. McKenna had her second competition in Calgary at the Edge School over the weekend. Ginger came and stayed with the other three so that Ryan could come experience a competition with us. The three of us headed to Calgary Saturday late afternoon and went and ate supper at the mall, did a little shopping and then headed to my Dad and Penny's to sleep over. McKenna loved having us all to herself and especially loved having a bed all to herself at my Dad's.

We got up in the morning, got ready and headed to the competition. McKenna had all three dances just within an hour of each other so it was busy and chaotic, and very hot, but we made it through and she did really good on all her dances. They got gold for their tap, and high silver for ballet and jazz. Ryan enjoys watching McKenna but he was pretty bored the whole day. He was a trooper though and it was nice to have him there. Not sure how many he will got to over the years. I'm sure just a handful but I'm glad he got to experience it with us.

Even though we were at a dance competition for my birthday I still felt so much love from everyone. My friend Tamara surprised me with a selfie stick, and my friend Tara with some pretty flowers. Even though they had their own kids to get to dance and their own craziness going on that day they remembered me and went out of their way to make me feel loved. They are the best and I really appreciated it. I also felt so much love on facebook and from others at the competition who remembered it was my birthday and said happy birthday. As I get older I don't need a lot on my birthday, its really the little things that make you realize who the people are in your life that really care about you. So thanks for making this girl feel loved.

Trying out my new Selfie stick on our lunch break

We got home late Sunday. It was so nice to be reunited with the kids. Especially this cutie...

Thanks again to my sister for taking such good care of them. Ryan and I were able to go for frozen yogurt Monday night to celebrate and my friends Teale and Mandy treated Hayley, Will and I to a picnic yesterday. It was a beautiful day and it was so nice to spend time with them. I am seriously the luckiest girl. 35 is feeling pretty darn good.


Apr 10, 2016

The kids played hookey from school on Friday and we headed to Waterton with our friends from dance. Our first visit this year and she didn't disappoint. It was a little cool and windy when we got there but we found a nice sheltered area to have a picnic lunch and then after that, the sun came out and the wind died down a bit. It was a gorgeous day and we all got a little bit of a burn on our cheeks and shoulders.

After lunch we hiked Bear's Hump. Because we went with friends from dance the boys had never really hung out with them before. By the time we were hiking down they were finally interacting with the girls and they all ended up having a great time together. Ty was complaining before we left because he didn't know them and said he would rather go to school. Well half way into the day he said "okay, I guess this is a fun day" ha. wish they would learn that their Mom is pretty much always right. The kids did great on the hike. The older kids and Hayley complained a bit at the beginning but ended up having fun. Mackenzie and McKenna loved it from beginning to end and were always ahead of us. The top was pretty windy but its so beautiful up there none of us seemed to mind too much. I put my backpack on a bench at the top and when I went to pick it up there were a few ticks on it. When we got to the bottom we did a tick check and found quite a few on the kids. Yuck. They totally gross me out.

Next we drove down the Akimina pass road all the way to the end where they had it blocked off. It was so pretty and we had fun playing in the snow at the end of the road where people usually snow shoe and cross country ski into Cameron Lake. We also stopped at a huge waterfall and the kids climbed up the side a ways. By this time it was supper time and we were hungry and it was time to head home. We made a pit stop at DQ in Cardston. The kids had fun sitting by the window next to the drive thru trying to get the people to notice them and wave as they went through. We had such an amazing day and are looking forward to more days like these all summer long. Thanks for the great day Tamara, Samantha, and Mackenzie!

Oh. Back to the tick subject. They are super awful in Waterton right now so be prepared if you go there this Spring. We kept finding them on the kids throughout the day. When we got home the kids all showered and we threw their clothes in the wash. Even after Ty showered he pulled one off of his head. Yuck. Then Tamara found one in Mackenzie's head and had to pull it out. We were all quite freaked out and Ty said he was going to have nightmare's about a giant tick chasing him, and I actually did dream about finding a tick in my head and Ryan coming with a crow bar to remove it. Ha ha.