Olsen's take Disneyland: Travel, Condo, and Beach Day.

Nov 19, 2015

Its about a 20 hr drive down to Anaheim from here so it took us two days of full driving to get there. Luckily we broke it up with a full day spent in Utah on the way there and back so that made a huge difference. The kids travel pretty well and we had lots of movies and things to entertain them. The roads were all clear and it went pretty smoothly. The only bad part was driving from Las Vegas to Barstow, California. It was bumper to bumper traffic and we even had to come to complete stops at some points on the highway. It was pretty annoying. But we made it there and home in one piece, though Ryan said we are never making that drive again;)

The kids are fascinated with the Desert. They have some pretty cool looking plants/trees.
Our Condo was right across from the Mickey and Friends parking lot. It was still a 15 minute walk right to the gates but it was a short walk to Downtown Disney and then an exciting walk from there. The kids never minded the walk and never complained. We had a stroller for Hayley and she usually fell asleep on the walk home from the parks. The Condo was so nice and decorated so cute. We had a full Kitchen, a washer and dryer, and 3 bathrooms. It was the perfect amount of space. My in-laws slept in the master bedroom with their own on-suite. Ryan and the girls and I were in the other bedroom. We were in a bunkbed with a trundle bed. The boys slept on a air mattress in the living room. We fit really nicely and they had everything that we needed. I only took one pic but here is the link to their website if you want to see more: Condo They have a ton of property's and we had a really good experience with them.

Our cozy sleeping arrangements 

On Wednesday we took a break from the Parks and went to Huntington Beach. We packed a picnic lunch and the Condo had beach toys and boogie boards and chairs for us to use. The weather started out nice, a bit windy, but being from Southern Alberta we don't mind a little wind:) The water was freezing though, so I just sat on the beach, but the kids played in the Ocean, and Ryan and Roy tried boogie boarding for awhile. After a couple of hours the wind really started to pick up to the point that it was cold and not enjoyable anymore so we packed up and headed back to the condo. We stopped at a Cream Puff place called Beard Papa's that my sister told us about. They were huge and delicious. Then we went back to the Condo to swim in the pool. It wasn't windy but the water was like ice cold. Like swimming in Waterton Lakes cold, so we spent most of the time in the hot tub. Then we picked up more In & Out for supper.

M practicing her splits. She found it much easier on the sand:)

After supper we went to Downtown Disney to walk around and buy our souvenirs. Nate bought a Darth Vader Cookie and then opted to save the rest of his money for Utah, Ty bought a Star Wars hat and saved the rest for Utah. The boys also spent a bit of money on food in the park and chocolate from the Ghirardelli chocolate store that we all frequented over our stay:) They have the best chocolate. Ty also bought a candy apple. McKenna bought an Elsa and Anna flip stuffy (one side is Anna and then you flip it upside down and it turns into Elsa), and a Giraffe toque/mittens from the Rain Forest Cafe, and some princess earrings, and Hayley got the same Anna/Elsa stuffy, and some Princess toys. A shout out to my Dad and Penny for gifting the kids with some spending money for the trip. Thank you:) We gave them each a baggie with their money in it so they got to actually see it and learn how to pay for things and count their money, and when it was gone, it was gone. I got a Minnie hat, a Mickey t-shirt, and a Candy Apple, which were super delicious.  Ryan got a Pirates of the Caribbean mug.

Olsen's take Disneyland: Disneyland

Nov 18, 2015

We spent two days at Disneyland. The first day was all about the rides. We tried to ride as many as we could. My favourite is Splash Mountain. We went home and had supper at the Condo and when we got back everyone was saving spots for the parade and fireworks. The really good spots were already saved so we found some decent one's and took turns saving our spot. There was still two hours before the parade. Disneyland at night is so magical. Beautiful lights everywhere. They had some of their Christmas decorations out too which made it even more beautiful. The parade was amazing, so good that I knew we had to see it again the next day. We only had standing room so we were pretty tired after the parade. The kids didn't want to stay for the fireworks so we left after the parade. It was so busy and chaotic trying to get out of the park with half the other people leaving at the same time. I never felt so happy to get out of Disneyland:)

I love that these boys are not too cool to hold hands with their parents and sisters

Dole Whip pineapple icecream is the yummiest

The second day in Disneyland started with a visit to the Frozen Boutique where the girls got their hair, nails, and make up done. H had chosen Elsa, and M Anna, but H's hair was too short and the Anna hairstyle would hold better so they both got Anna Coronation hair. They loved it and looked so cute. The boys went into the park while we were doing that.

Sisters are even better then Chocolate:)

After the girls were done we headed into the park to meet the boys. Today was a really relaxing day. We didn't have my in-laws in the park with us so we brought Hayley onto Splash Mountain. She enjoyed most of it, but the big drop pretty much terrified her and she did not want to go again. We grabbed a bench to save for the parade very early, like 5 hours early so one of us always had to be sitting on the bench. It was actually really nice to have a set meeting place and Ryan and I would just take turns going off and doing stuff with the kids. The girls were all about the Princess meet and greets, especially Hayley, so we spent most of the afternoon doing that. I took all the kids to the Frozen show. It was so well done and we laughed through the whole thing. Nate even enjoyed it a lot. I also went on Big Thunder mountain railroad ride, it was closed last time we were there, and I loved it. It was so stinkin fun. One of my new favourites. We had prime spots for the parade and enjoyed it even more the second time. Then we took the kids home and had supper. They stayed with Roy and Connie while Ryan and I went back for the fireworks. Sadly, they were cancelled due to high winds, which is exactly what happened to us last time we tried to catch the fireworks without the kids. I think we're jinxed.

Ha ha ha. This is my favourite.

Hayley is obsessed with make up now

The after math of the Princess hair

I absolutely LOVE Disneyland. We had so much fun. Even more fun then last time. The time that we have as a family is totally worth every penny we spend. The memories we create and hold dearly. The friendships my kids build with one another. It is the best. We will definitely be going again and again, and again, and is something I'm looking forward to sharing with my grandkids one day too. We had the most amazing time.

Olsen's take Disneyland 2015: California Adventure

Nov 16, 2015

We got home late last night so are having a recuperation day. Of course I have so much to blog about so wanted to get started right away. We seriously had the best time. I feel like it was even better then the last time we went which was almost 3 years ago. We arrived in California around 4:30pm on Sunday evening. We went and checked into our condo, then went and picked up some grocery's to last us the week, and then had to go eat at In N Out Burger which is our favourite. Our Condo was right across from Magic Way and right across the street from the Disneyland hotel so we were pretty close to the park. It was still a 15 minute walk right to the gate's but we got to walk through Downtown Disney to get there which is always exciting. We walked through Downtown Disney to go get our autograph books. It is all lit up beautifully and there is so much noise and excitement. We headed back to the Condo so we could get a good night's sleep. Roy and Connie flew in that evening and were spending the week with us too.

The next day we headed to California Adventure Park where we would be spending our first day. We got there as soon as the gates opened. The boys went off and got our fast passes to Radiator Spring Racers and the girls and I went straight for Anna and Elsa's meet and greet. It was so cute watching Hayley see and interact with them. She was in heaven. Then we went and met Olaf. Hayley really loved meeting the Characters. She loves Princess Sofia but I wasn't sure if they had a meet and greet with her. As we were walking down the street we just happened to see her walk out so we ran and followed her and got to meet her. Hayley was so excited.

The park wasn't too busy so we didn't have to wait in any really long lines. Hayley wasn't too sure about some of the rides at first. She kept wondering if the characters were real. We had to keep assuring her that they were just machines. Radiator Springs Racers is like the best ride but Hayley didn't like it and cried for most of it. We didn't take her on any of the bigger rides. We loved the grizzly Peak water raft ride. There wasn't a wait at all so we went on and got soaked and then went on again right after because we were already wet. We laughed the whole ride. My favourite is Tower of Terror. I love that ride. I love heights and I love big drops.

They have the best treats. I had to get my Sundae in this little souvenir Mickey sink. Isn't it cute.

We took Hayley to the Frozen sing along and she just loved it. She belted out all the words and the highlight was fake snow coming from the ceiling as we sang "Let it go" with Elsa and Anna. We left around supper time to go eat at the Rain Forest Cafe. It is a restaurant all decorated like your eating in an actual rain forest. Our table was right next to a big Gorilla that moved and made noises. The food was really good too. After supper we went back into California Adventure and rode some more rides then watched World of Color. It is my favourite show. Its a water and light show that is seriously so incredible. The kids loved it. That concluded our first day in the Parks. We headed home and all slept so well. It really was the best day ever.