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Dance Inspirations- Moose Jaw

May 17, 2017

A few days after we moved in we headed off to Moose Jaw for McKenna's last dance competition. I still had the flu. I feel like I was really off my game this time around and I didn't enjoy myself like I normally do. We had to take the van in because the AC wasn't working and then found out we couldn't get it fixed until after we were back. We were planning to take our van with our friends Tara and Elliot. We couldn't take Tara's vehicle because her husband needed it, so we ended up driving to Moose Jaw with no AC. We survived and luckily it wasn't too hot. We drove with the windows down as much as we could. Also the morning we were leaving the fix engine light came on. We headed out just hoping nothing was wrong and we'd make it there. We figured out that it was just the gas cap and the next day it no longer came on. Thank goodness. The first couple of days I was still pretty sick but I powered through. Luckily we didn't have a lot going on so I could rest up a bit more. I started to feel better as the week went on (we were there 5 days). I had one night where I stayed up later to hang out with everyone (which still meant bed at 11:00pm), but most of the time I was so tired and was in bed as early as the little girls each night. I'm lame like that I guess. Because I was sick before we left I didn't do the food prep that I was planning, so we ended up eating out and spending more on food then I wanted to.

The girls enjoying the hot tub

An intense game of spoons

The girls dancing on the side of the street. Hoping for a honk or a wave I guess.
The actual competition went well. The kids danced really good. This competition grades a bit harder, and their medals are a little different. The kids got ruby for their jazz, tap, and modern, diamond for their ballet character and the big ballet production (which ended up getting disqualified which I'll go into detail about in another post), and McKenna and Bella did awesome on their duet with her highest score of the competition, a 92 and diamond. They also won an award with money for Russian (character ballet), modern, and her duet. Again, things just seemed a little off this year and I didn't love this competition like I did last year. The space is small and hot, and getting in and out of the theatre is a pain among other things.

We danced our last dance Sunday morning and then we were heading home after that. We packed up and got to the van only for me to realize my keys were missing. We searched a few places but I quickly realized (or guessed anyway) that I left them in the locked van. I thought I had a spare in the center console, and I guessed the other set were in the trunk because we had a ton of stuff to carry in. Seriously, not my finest moment. Luckily my friend Melissa has AMA and kindly called and then waited with us until they came. We picnicked and hung out by the van in front of someone's house until they came. Luckily we didn't have to wait too long. I seriously have the best friends. Thanks again Melissa!

Are they in here?

I don't see them. Are we stuck here forever?

I honestly was just praying that we had a set in the van and I didn't drop them somewhere and lost them. Luckily both sets were exactly where I figured they were.

We grabbed lunch and headed home. I think because we had just moved (which was completely stressful) and then I wasn't feeling the greatest the whole time just put a bad taste in my mouth for Moose Jaw. You know when you're pregnant and a certain food makes you sick and then after you have the baby, sometimes even years later you are still turned off by the food because it made you sick? That's kind of how I feel about Moose Jaw now. I am so turned off by the idea of going there again. Thankfully I think we are taking a break from that competition and trying some new one's next year. Maybe after a break I'll be ready and willing to go back again.

We are all finished with competition season. I am so proud of how hard M has worked this year. I think she has improved a ton since last year and I am already excited to see what next year of competition will bring. Hayley may even be joining in next year. Even though this wasn't my favourite competition experience, I still love the competition side of dance. I love to see the kids work hard and get rewarded. I love to see the growth and passion as they work towards their goals. I love to see the relationships and connections strengthen as they work as a dance team.

Now we are just enjoying our new home and are slowly working to get everything finished. Can't believe summer holidays are just around the corner.

oh, and all the pictures are from Tamara and Tara because I only took like two pics the whole time. Thanks for sharing friends.

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